Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food & Shopping!!

Tonight's dinner~
Red Curry + Bread!!

And this is Red Curry Rice!

Yesterday's dinner, Basil Chicken, but kinda phail without the chilies... D:

Went to Harbour Town shopping with Chels and Kirly today.

Typo was having a 30% discount store-wide.
Got this lovely gadget pouch for $3.50!!
Was 9.95, but it got reduced to 5, then reduced further to 3.50!!! xD Awesome bargain!!!

Crazy woman shopping for dresses!!

Had Mee Goreng at Noodle Inn, a Malaysian restaurant, but the mee tasted sweet, the chef added tomato sauce in it... =.=

I'm adding Mee Goreng into my To-Eat-List when I get back to Malaysia!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lumix FP3

I did it.
Not exactly on impulse since I did research for 2 nights on the camera I wanted to buy, my eyes really hurt when I read through zillions of different camera reviews. I thought of getting a Cybershot, some specs weren't that impressive while others were sold at a outrageous price, so No for Sony. Then I thought of Olympus, Fujifilm and Nikon. Samsung was out since I never really like it at the first place.
I was particular drawn to Fujifilm's colourful Z-series. But the specs were just meh~, max shutter speed is only 1/1000 sec, even my mum's Lumix FP8 is faster than that. So I crossed it out. In the end I decided to go with Lumix FP1, I figured out that FP3's 14MP isn't really necessary and FP1 is slightly better at capturing more fps, not to mention that it's cheaper.

And so I set off to my camera quest yesterday. Went to JB HiFi couldn't find my target. Then I decided to check out the camera house outside Westfield and walked out of the frigging huge mall across vast car park to get there.

All they had was this, which was within my budget and my criterias, that is, lower than 200$ and built-in camera lens. According to the chap, FP3 was discontinued and there isn't many of it left in the market, so the older versions FP1 is probably extincted. And like I said before, Fujifilm was slow, so I left the shop disappointed.

I then checked Dick Smith, and my heart sort of did a somersault when I saw a FP3 (Red) sitting on the display shelf. It was even on discount!! I'd prefer the purple of the blue ones if I could choose. But at that moment I could only go Oh YES.

Figuring that FP1 is definitely no where to be found, I decided to have a FP3 instead. It was the last one left so what am I waiting for? And so I placed my order and phoned my mum that I was going to splurged her 200$ on it. All was going well, until the guy came back telling me he couldn't find the camera's bloody box.

Seriously, how do they store their products?

How can a frigging box go missing????

In the end I left the Dick Smith and decided to give Harvey Norman a try. Thank god Albert has a car! xD

And there it was, I found myself a Lumix FP3 at Harvey Norman, and it was 10$ cheaper for the camera itself and the 8GB San Disc. xD Oh Dick Smith was such a ****. Seeing that I was saving 20$ in total, the only thing I haggled was the screen protector, which was priced at 19.95 for 6 pieces of it. With a touch screen gadget, it's a terrible idea to have one without a protector. The salesperson was pretty efficient, he checked the system and knocked out 5$ for me right away.

So, including the camera, memory card, screen protector and a 30$ 2 years product care (which I bought on impulse, but I may return it in 15 days, which is something I'm very inclined to do), it costed me 268$, about RM804. Not a bad deal I supposed, now if I return the product care within 15 days, it'll be only around RM714.

By the time I reached home, I was really happy.

And so I made Okonomiyaki~
It's simply lovely to be able to make a decent meal and a decent camera to snap it down. ^_^

Last time when I made one, I didn't have the Okonomi Sauce and the Bonito Flakes with me, it tasted so bland... D: But now it actually taste like Takoyaki!!! lol Luckily I love Takoyaki~ xD


Went to Garden City with Chels and her dad around 7.

There wasn't much to shop around there, especially when I've just burned 268$ on my camera.

Amy's Giraffe at the food court.
It's not real, don't be fool.

Back to my work.
I have a camp to go on Mon,
Hence my desperate quest for a camera.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight's dinner~
Spaghetti with Black Pepper, Garlic & Ham~
The photo sucks, but it was delicious!! Now I think of it, I guess I need to get myself a decent camera...

Living away from your family can change a person, especially when one's at a foreign land.
For me, I'm doing some things that I usually don't bother to do, cause that's what my lil bro and sis and mummies are for.

1. Grocery shopping is now my no. 1 hobby.
I shop like once a week, or more if I happened to pass by Coles or Woolworths or Vege shop.
It's like, I'm running out of things so often that a trip to the market is a must, otherwise I die starving or live on outside food and ultimately murder my bank account.

Besides that, living at Perth where the cost of, not just living, pretty much everything is like 3x the cost in Malaysia, I can't stand seeing sales going on and not stock up on that particular item. So yeah, whenever a good milk is only $2 or canned tunas are only selling for $1, it's screaming 'BUY ME NOW'.

While having no car means I have to carry my shoppings back manually, it's not that difficult once I got used to it. The secret is, carry a huge bag and stuff the heavy things there, and then get some big recyclable bag and throw the remaining stuff in it.

2. Looking/learning new recipes is my daily routine.
It's either I learn something from exchanging recipes with Chels, looking up the net or playing experimenting with food.

I'm now a pro at Steam Herbal Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognaise (learned that since high school), Tom Yum Maggi, Stir-fry Potato Chicken, Fried Rice (cleaning up is a terrible mess), Korean Instant Noodle, Zha-Jiang Noodle, Green Pepper Chicken/Pork, Chicken Maggi, Tom Yum Noodle, Steam Cod Fish, Ikea Meat Ball and other weird stuff I can't name of.

3. Thinking of new ways to stay lazy is my favourite thing to do.
Like, filling up tons of bottles of water so that I can just grab one while doing my homework without leaving the room, or to be more exact, my chair.

I know I'm lazy.

4. Bringing my own meal to Uni everyday.
Unless I have like 4 exams coming up in a week, I'd do my best not to eat from the Uni cafes.
Not only they're expensive, but veryveryveryvery oily and fattening (duh). Probably worse than Malaysia.

Anyway, most of the food there doesn't suit my taste. I mean, I hate baguette sandwiches we have here, they're so tough and dry!!! (>_____<) Besides, the usual food that can be found at the Uni cafes are pastry, salad, pasta, chips, and some typical Asian food. Fattening, dislike, expensive, fattening, and expensive.

So yeah, tupperware meal ftw. At least I get to decide what to eat, save $$$ and choose how many bottles of oil I'm using to cook my meal.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I heard, the whisper of the cookie.

'eat me', echoes the sound, louder and louder each time.

Like Buck returning the call of the wild, I whispered to the cookie, *omnomnom*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stressed & Desserts

My Ipod. :)
Given to me last year as a token of appreciation from my dad's friend when we lent him my car.
I'm not into pink, but hey, it's FREE. So no complaints.

I gave it to my sis when I first got it, it wasn't much use to me since I had my w995, I couldn't be bothered to bring another gadget with me anyway.

But now it's like a lifeline to me in Aussie. Out of a sudden, I got an LG Optimus, I think I like my w995 better, but this LG is touch screen and it has the weather app which is pretty useful over here. Believe me, you'll start checking the weather very often when it's cold.

Back to my Ipod, I'm just not into my LG phone, I didn't even care to change its theme or set my fav song as its ringtone because I didn't even bother to update the memory stick. So I'm having my Ipod to do the singing. It's pretty convenient actually, being so compact and the battery lasts for days! Another things is, a lot of people in Perth listen to music pretty much everywhere. In Malaysia, you'd probably be robbed once you shut yourself in the sacred world of melodies.

Anyway, I should be studying for Acc Financial mid-sem coming up on Sat instead of spending the whole morning procrastinating reading manga from this web perfect for lazy bums like me who can't even bother to click through the pages.

And yeah, living without my ballet lesson really turned my muscles into ****. Oh poop. Once this mid-sem is over I'll start jogging again. I shall not go back in the size of a pumpkin. Gah mid-sems, they just wash you off like a tsunami in one go. I've been studying for Acc Managerial for 3 days before I settled it on Sat, going through a Microeconmics-marathon from Sat-Sun and took it on Monday, and cramming some last minute knowledge on Financial Principle for the quiz on Tues. So that's like 3 tests in 4 days.

Now I know how an egg feels when it's on the frying pan.

There's still one more paper to go.

But, I'm not in any frigging mood to study. I'm disappointed with my results. I thought, I did well, I thought I knew the correct answers. My confidence wasn't reliable I guess.

Acc Managerial - 39/50
Microeconomics - 31/40

There's like 25% of the answers wrong, I'm not even close to a HD. D;
I'm certain it must be some stupid careless mistakes again, it had to be.

Speaking of stress, I hate supermarkets.
They've got all sorts of sales and discounts on snacks, biscuits and chocolates.
I think I'd better get a safe and chunk all these stuff into it and forget the pin number.
Then I'll just go to the market once again and get more of them.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Autumn at Perth

This is what happens when you try to do your laundry on a day that rains for only 1 minute at random time even though the sun looks bright and sunny.

Autumn is here. As so does my first ever post after such a long time. Blame procrastinating for that.

The weather's finally getting cooler. Summer lasted too long, as long as a full month to be exact. It's about time I take out some of my jackets to wear, I've been waiting for the time to come!! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY 2011

Okie, right after Fluffy's post, I figured out that I ought to talk bout my new life (my new 24 hours) in Perth. Then again, before that should be posted, I guess my CNY 2011 post should be cleared first.

真的很久没用华语Blog 了。再来现在身在澳洲又没什么华文书我的话语就只能靠天天讲来维持水准。


忙归忙,到了除夕那晚一切都是值得的!! xD

今年除夕在 Golden Claypot 解决,菜肴还算不错了,就可惜千篇一律地实在是很闲...


虽然奶奶是非常有点偏心有时候还是会疼她一下,不过只要一看到她的姐姐就会把她丢到后脑去忘到一干二净... 反之爷爷就好象没这么偏心... 据说这小瓜跟爷爷非常要好,大概是因为她比较乖巧...

大伯伯,大伯母和我的 honey~ xD

第三代女生(少了我们的 Double-F 大堂姐...)

除了装可爱,在相机前面摆出各种意想不到的 pose 是她最可爱的地方!!

嗯,除夕后就使那万年不变的步骤,拜祖先,拜观音,拜天公,拜土地公,接财神,等待十二点的到来,然后到出讨红包!!! =D

不觉得她看起来很像 Despicable Me 里的 Agnes 么? xD


初三晚上就到外婆家去坐坐,哪知我那笨到不知要怎么形容的妹妹没通知我妈就跟我弟一起去玩烟花。把烟花拿在右手上点火点到手给炸还不要紧,这大傻瓜还在烟花跌在地上后取用脚踩灭它... 笨也要有个限度啊,害得我们要匆匆忙忙地带着一个手给炸黑的白痴找医生... 总算没炸出什么大事来,只许吃点药,搽些药膏就好了... =______=


On the 8th of Feb, we went on a house-visiting marathon, starting from Jhe Yee's house to Eloise's house then my house and finally ending the trip with Chelsia's house. Finally had the chance to learn MahJong and some other card games... lol My family doesn't have the tradition of gambling...

While the house-visiting journey ended around 6pm, I had dinner party at Mr. Pay's house!

Peanut and the gang!!

The Roast chicken and Mash Potato were delightfully lip-smacking, too bad I didn't have enough empty storage for other food!!

Group Photo on Mr. Pay's pillow covered bed!!

At last, CNY post is done... Phew...

Even though CNY still had a long way to go, I just sort of have to put it aside and make way for my new life at Perth, so even though CNY was still going on, I was just too busy settling down in my new place...

Coming up next, Perth!!