Friday, April 15, 2011

Stressed & Desserts

My Ipod. :)
Given to me last year as a token of appreciation from my dad's friend when we lent him my car.
I'm not into pink, but hey, it's FREE. So no complaints.

I gave it to my sis when I first got it, it wasn't much use to me since I had my w995, I couldn't be bothered to bring another gadget with me anyway.

But now it's like a lifeline to me in Aussie. Out of a sudden, I got an LG Optimus, I think I like my w995 better, but this LG is touch screen and it has the weather app which is pretty useful over here. Believe me, you'll start checking the weather very often when it's cold.

Back to my Ipod, I'm just not into my LG phone, I didn't even care to change its theme or set my fav song as its ringtone because I didn't even bother to update the memory stick. So I'm having my Ipod to do the singing. It's pretty convenient actually, being so compact and the battery lasts for days! Another things is, a lot of people in Perth listen to music pretty much everywhere. In Malaysia, you'd probably be robbed once you shut yourself in the sacred world of melodies.

Anyway, I should be studying for Acc Financial mid-sem coming up on Sat instead of spending the whole morning procrastinating reading manga from this web perfect for lazy bums like me who can't even bother to click through the pages.

And yeah, living without my ballet lesson really turned my muscles into ****. Oh poop. Once this mid-sem is over I'll start jogging again. I shall not go back in the size of a pumpkin. Gah mid-sems, they just wash you off like a tsunami in one go. I've been studying for Acc Managerial for 3 days before I settled it on Sat, going through a Microeconmics-marathon from Sat-Sun and took it on Monday, and cramming some last minute knowledge on Financial Principle for the quiz on Tues. So that's like 3 tests in 4 days.

Now I know how an egg feels when it's on the frying pan.

There's still one more paper to go.

But, I'm not in any frigging mood to study. I'm disappointed with my results. I thought, I did well, I thought I knew the correct answers. My confidence wasn't reliable I guess.

Acc Managerial - 39/50
Microeconomics - 31/40

There's like 25% of the answers wrong, I'm not even close to a HD. D;
I'm certain it must be some stupid careless mistakes again, it had to be.

Speaking of stress, I hate supermarkets.
They've got all sorts of sales and discounts on snacks, biscuits and chocolates.
I think I'd better get a safe and chunk all these stuff into it and forget the pin number.
Then I'll just go to the market once again and get more of them.

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