Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food & Shopping!!

Tonight's dinner~
Red Curry + Bread!!

And this is Red Curry Rice!

Yesterday's dinner, Basil Chicken, but kinda phail without the chilies... D:

Went to Harbour Town shopping with Chels and Kirly today.

Typo was having a 30% discount store-wide.
Got this lovely gadget pouch for $3.50!!
Was 9.95, but it got reduced to 5, then reduced further to 3.50!!! xD Awesome bargain!!!

Crazy woman shopping for dresses!!

Had Mee Goreng at Noodle Inn, a Malaysian restaurant, but the mee tasted sweet, the chef added tomato sauce in it... =.=

I'm adding Mee Goreng into my To-Eat-List when I get back to Malaysia!!!

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