Friday, April 22, 2011

Lumix FP3

I did it.
Not exactly on impulse since I did research for 2 nights on the camera I wanted to buy, my eyes really hurt when I read through zillions of different camera reviews. I thought of getting a Cybershot, some specs weren't that impressive while others were sold at a outrageous price, so No for Sony. Then I thought of Olympus, Fujifilm and Nikon. Samsung was out since I never really like it at the first place.
I was particular drawn to Fujifilm's colourful Z-series. But the specs were just meh~, max shutter speed is only 1/1000 sec, even my mum's Lumix FP8 is faster than that. So I crossed it out. In the end I decided to go with Lumix FP1, I figured out that FP3's 14MP isn't really necessary and FP1 is slightly better at capturing more fps, not to mention that it's cheaper.

And so I set off to my camera quest yesterday. Went to JB HiFi couldn't find my target. Then I decided to check out the camera house outside Westfield and walked out of the frigging huge mall across vast car park to get there.

All they had was this, which was within my budget and my criterias, that is, lower than 200$ and built-in camera lens. According to the chap, FP3 was discontinued and there isn't many of it left in the market, so the older versions FP1 is probably extincted. And like I said before, Fujifilm was slow, so I left the shop disappointed.

I then checked Dick Smith, and my heart sort of did a somersault when I saw a FP3 (Red) sitting on the display shelf. It was even on discount!! I'd prefer the purple of the blue ones if I could choose. But at that moment I could only go Oh YES.

Figuring that FP1 is definitely no where to be found, I decided to have a FP3 instead. It was the last one left so what am I waiting for? And so I placed my order and phoned my mum that I was going to splurged her 200$ on it. All was going well, until the guy came back telling me he couldn't find the camera's bloody box.

Seriously, how do they store their products?

How can a frigging box go missing????

In the end I left the Dick Smith and decided to give Harvey Norman a try. Thank god Albert has a car! xD

And there it was, I found myself a Lumix FP3 at Harvey Norman, and it was 10$ cheaper for the camera itself and the 8GB San Disc. xD Oh Dick Smith was such a ****. Seeing that I was saving 20$ in total, the only thing I haggled was the screen protector, which was priced at 19.95 for 6 pieces of it. With a touch screen gadget, it's a terrible idea to have one without a protector. The salesperson was pretty efficient, he checked the system and knocked out 5$ for me right away.

So, including the camera, memory card, screen protector and a 30$ 2 years product care (which I bought on impulse, but I may return it in 15 days, which is something I'm very inclined to do), it costed me 268$, about RM804. Not a bad deal I supposed, now if I return the product care within 15 days, it'll be only around RM714.

By the time I reached home, I was really happy.

And so I made Okonomiyaki~
It's simply lovely to be able to make a decent meal and a decent camera to snap it down. ^_^

Last time when I made one, I didn't have the Okonomi Sauce and the Bonito Flakes with me, it tasted so bland... D: But now it actually taste like Takoyaki!!! lol Luckily I love Takoyaki~ xD


Went to Garden City with Chels and her dad around 7.

There wasn't much to shop around there, especially when I've just burned 268$ on my camera.

Amy's Giraffe at the food court.
It's not real, don't be fool.

Back to my work.
I have a camp to go on Mon,
Hence my desperate quest for a camera.

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