Monday, April 18, 2011


Tonight's dinner~
Spaghetti with Black Pepper, Garlic & Ham~
The photo sucks, but it was delicious!! Now I think of it, I guess I need to get myself a decent camera...

Living away from your family can change a person, especially when one's at a foreign land.
For me, I'm doing some things that I usually don't bother to do, cause that's what my lil bro and sis and mummies are for.

1. Grocery shopping is now my no. 1 hobby.
I shop like once a week, or more if I happened to pass by Coles or Woolworths or Vege shop.
It's like, I'm running out of things so often that a trip to the market is a must, otherwise I die starving or live on outside food and ultimately murder my bank account.

Besides that, living at Perth where the cost of, not just living, pretty much everything is like 3x the cost in Malaysia, I can't stand seeing sales going on and not stock up on that particular item. So yeah, whenever a good milk is only $2 or canned tunas are only selling for $1, it's screaming 'BUY ME NOW'.

While having no car means I have to carry my shoppings back manually, it's not that difficult once I got used to it. The secret is, carry a huge bag and stuff the heavy things there, and then get some big recyclable bag and throw the remaining stuff in it.

2. Looking/learning new recipes is my daily routine.
It's either I learn something from exchanging recipes with Chels, looking up the net or playing experimenting with food.

I'm now a pro at Steam Herbal Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognaise (learned that since high school), Tom Yum Maggi, Stir-fry Potato Chicken, Fried Rice (cleaning up is a terrible mess), Korean Instant Noodle, Zha-Jiang Noodle, Green Pepper Chicken/Pork, Chicken Maggi, Tom Yum Noodle, Steam Cod Fish, Ikea Meat Ball and other weird stuff I can't name of.

3. Thinking of new ways to stay lazy is my favourite thing to do.
Like, filling up tons of bottles of water so that I can just grab one while doing my homework without leaving the room, or to be more exact, my chair.

I know I'm lazy.

4. Bringing my own meal to Uni everyday.
Unless I have like 4 exams coming up in a week, I'd do my best not to eat from the Uni cafes.
Not only they're expensive, but veryveryveryvery oily and fattening (duh). Probably worse than Malaysia.

Anyway, most of the food there doesn't suit my taste. I mean, I hate baguette sandwiches we have here, they're so tough and dry!!! (>_____<) Besides, the usual food that can be found at the Uni cafes are pastry, salad, pasta, chips, and some typical Asian food. Fattening, dislike, expensive, fattening, and expensive.

So yeah, tupperware meal ftw. At least I get to decide what to eat, save $$$ and choose how many bottles of oil I'm using to cook my meal.

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