Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekly Update, Not

A lot happened last week.

I started work at my dad's office, doing some menial stuff including answering phone calls (which I should just let the accountant to do cause 9/10 people who called were looking for her, me answering the phone was pretty much wasting everyone's time anyway), photocopying documents, cutting and sticking some cardboard stuff and read newspapers.

Then I was given Thursday and Friday off to take my maid, Savy to go shopping before she leaves Malaysia for good. So that's 2 easy days for me. Then, off she went back to Cambodia after working at our house for 5 long years.

Right after we came back from the airport, I finally started my Nihongo revision, which I kept on telling myself time to start and yet managed to wait to the last minute again... =___= hehehe....

But it was alright.

The next day, 5th Dec, I thought and hoped I was well-prepared. Left our house at 1pm with Osla and my sis with my mum driving and we're off to Confucius High for JLPT, or so we thought. Not that we didn't make it, but damn, some crazy people just had to have some demo in KL and quite a number of the examinees were caught in the jam. We made it in time, but many didn't.

The JLPT people thus decided to delay the exam until 3pm, which was supposed to start at 2.30pm. Of course, we hate to wait, and some can't even wait since they have a flight/train to catch or something. But if we think from some unfortunates' pov, I'd be glad that they do so. So, no complains there.

The Vocabulary/Grammar exam was pretty easy, I think I can score about 80%-90% for that... But the Comprehension one was tough. Blegh. Many weird stuffs I never seen before... The listening one was piece of cake. If I got the last question right (which I kinda failed to listen properly), I think I can score full mark. It'd be a shame if I got other questions wrong since I was so sure I understood all.

And if I need something to blame for the mishap for the last question, I'd blame the freezing hall. Heeesh, what is wrong with all those air-con system??? Why are these management wasting so much money on making the temperature too cold for us to survive???

Anyway, it's over now. That'll be the last exam for year 2010. :D

Up next, my Penang trip!!!!

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