Monday, December 13, 2010

Penang and Poppy

Ah Penang~
The land of delicious food, freedom and lots of dust and mosquitoes!!
How I love it save for the dust and buggy part....

Mum's been going to Penang for the past month quite frequently, but I never went along with her due to various upcoming-now-over exams.

Right after JLPT ended, we headed back home to grab our luggage and we're off to Penang for a special occasion:

My grandpa's 80th birthday!!!
Two cakes!!! Because he has so many kids and grandkids!!! xD

Arrived around 10+, we bustled around our room getting rid of the dust and everything. A maid ran away from home again so no one was there to clean our room. But nvm, the monkeys enjoyed wacking the hell out of the poor mattress anyway. While they they busy, I sneaked out to check out my cousins, and on my way back to our room,

I s.a.w. t.h.i.s.:
Poppy, I mean, Puppy eyes!!!!!!!!!! xDDD
The truth lies in a cat's puppy's eyes~
I can see my own reflection!!! xP

It was dark but his eyes were gleaming like stars while his tiny body was half-hidden behind a pillar~ Ooooh how I felt my heart turns into goo as I literally sprung across to cuddle to furry thing. But since it was getting late, I had to leave the most lovable thing on earth and get some sleep. Woke up next morning and continued cleaning the room.

Halfway through, the thought of Poopy was actually very dirty (under the sunlight his white fur was grey 0.o), I sneaked out and dognapped him for a nice bath. Holy sheep, the colour of the dirty water was so shocking and Poppy looked like a lamb once out of the tub!!!!

Later that night, we went to some Chinese restaurant (lol since when have I gone to any restaurant/food court that wasn't Chinese in Penang?). Food, was a tad too much for everyone. Even Poppy was able to enjoy a portion of our dinner. lol

After our overwhelming dinner, it was cake time and Ang Pau time!!! And by Ang Pau time I mean we get ang paus too!! But we don't just get the ang paus, we have to do something to get them, and the trick was to pour out some of our brain juices and give our birthday star a kiss on the cheek.

Spent the last day in Penang playing/training Poppy, shopping with my honey cousin and her friend and my sis and finally watched Rapunzel!!! Cute story was cute, and the animation was what I love the most!! It's been a while since I've last watched cartoons that are beautiful without deforming too much of its characters.

Poppy eating a Char Siew Pao!!
Sad owners of his... Nvm, dogs are tough animals, they won't die from eating too much junk food. =.=

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