Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Very Late CNY post

It's now or never. And so I've finally mustered up the determination to finish this post. 

Went to Sogo to shop for clothes with my mum a week before we went back to Penang! It was so crowded!! And there, I searched for my dream bag on the lowest floor. I was so disappointed that nothing suits my taste, until, it went 'kira-kira' amongst other bags!!! Whoot~ But it's so frigging expensive!!!! D: RM279!!!! 

And so, I've started my bag fund, starting from my cousin!! xD It's nice to have an older cousin who's close to you~ :3 Love ya Honey~ (I'm clutching it the moment I'm typing this!!)

Went shopping in Subang Parade on the next day and bought my CNY red shirt~ 

Spent the next 2 days in my dad's office trying to fix the wireless router for him, but stupid thing refused to work so I returned on the 2nd day to do it and it still screamed 'epic-failure'.

Went to Atria for a hair cut on Wednesday, before the day we took off to Penang~

Was really busy on Thurs. Firstly, we took Potato to the vet for her vaccine, then we picked up my sis, packed our luggage into the car, drive to Selayang, buy the crab, and finally we're hitting the road!!!

Friday, 11th Feb
Went to a restaurant and requested the chef to murder cook the crab for us! Since it was so big that no one dare to cook it in case we screwed up.

Sea view~ Twilight!! Not that Twilight but another Twilight!! :D

We caught an Alaskan crab!!! xD
Haha. No la... We bought it from Selayang and drove this creature all the way up to Penang. It survived for 48 hours +(which should be 4 hours) in the fridge, buried in ice!!

And here we were, 'Live Long and Prosper' my brother's style, waiting for others to arrive for the feast~

The sad crab. It weighted 2kg!!!

Yummy~ It may be big in size but its meat was tender and soft~ Ah lovely lovely crab, may you rest in peace in our stomachs!!

My sis and my niece~ Sleeping in a similar fashion on our way back! LOL
Went to a restaurant to had our reunion dinner. Going out for dinner was nice, but I do miss those time where we had it at home. Everyone would help out with the tables, chairs, preparing the food, and cooking. But that was before all my cousins left the main house... D:

Boo-ya! 2 crazy aunties bullying playing with their niece. 

More disappointing was, I didn't get to sit with my honey cousin. But food was decent and it was still nice to be with everyone. :)

Went back to the main house after dinner and did the usual thing. Prepare the pineapple, candles, joysticks, and etc to 'bai-bai' (not bye-bye!!). Had a lot of fun toying with the little devil's sister, who shares the same fate of being less-loved by my unbelievably 'pian xin' grandmother. I was much more fortunate compared to my other cousins as I was the second most-loved granddaughter. 

After finished 'bai-bai-ng, it was time for 红包!! xD But I was busy as usual, seeing that I'm such an genius. (lol) Connected to my cousins in Canada with Skype for the technologically illiterate such as my uncle (and his wife) who refused to use Skype. lol It sure was amusing to see them staring greedily at my cousin's face on the screen.

Didn't do much on that day since the Cantonese tradition forbids us to visit others on that day. So stayed at home, until my outgoing grandmother can't stand the boredom and whisked us out~

Went to visit my maternal grandparents~ My bunch of maternal cousins who share the same surname as mine were there also!! 

As usual, we had the contest of 'the longest wisher'. LOL So tiring for us to sing a continuous stream of wishes.

My younger cousin, the eldest among them. He shares the same ego of an elder sibling as I do. And we certainly agree on a lot of things since he's only a year younger than me. lol

Spent the whole day surfing there and reading magazines. Then we went to another relatives' house.

You don't get to eat this in Canada!!!!
Actually, this photo was taken to make my cousin in Canada to drool in front of her laptop. But I got very lazy and it never reach her. lol

Went to Jusco to shop with our niece tagging along.

Evil monster is very evil and stubborn. Banyak susah nak shopping with her.

Got back in the afternoon and went to my other grandparents' apartment again!

These tress are so pretty with the yellow flowers blooming on them!! I even saw a yellow 'sakura' tree on a highway!!! It had so many flowers that I couldn't see the leaves at all!!! So pretty!!

Went back to the main house for dinner, and when we want to leave the house, the devil was still asleep. D: Waking her up and getting her out of the house was a serious pain-in-the-s. Urgh. You really can't imagine how difficult this kid is.

My mum planned to leave on this day, but she too wanted to stay back and so we stayed back. xD

Cadbury Gold. 
Bought a box of it from Jusco since it was heavily discounted.
It tasted nice alright. But the shape and pattern wasn't pretty as the surface doesn't look smooth, which is a disadvantage comparing to some other gold colour chocolate (who need not to worry about its appearance).

It was delicious, but not to the extent that we're addicted, so unless someone buys one for us, we won't be buying it anymore. lol

Left Penang early in the morning with 4 boxes of 600cc's secret recipe in our car. Reached home around 11. Soon Lizzie arrived and we went to Sogo while my mum went to work.

Went to check out my dream bag for n times before we finally left the building and headed to the LRT station.

Had to take it since my mum is still working and obviously couldn't fetch us.

That night, went to Old Town at Taman Megah for the gathering. Finally saw KwanHanFail after almost a year!!! And at last, I got the money he owed me for a year!!!

Went to Raub to visit my XiaoMi's mama, who is my grandmother as well. Met a lot of unknown relatives and got my pocket full of Ang Paus~ xD

初七 & 初八
Didn't do much except for the usual things we do on a weekend.

Went to college to pay the car park fee, which was unfortunately unavailable anymore. D: I didn't know they changed the payment date... T.T

Anyway, found out this. 

Annie's the rare gem to get this award which wasn't won by anyone for a few years and probably the last (seeing that UFP is no more d) to get the award for RM500 voucher!!! Annie you're amazing!!!! But why aren't you a guy!!!!

A normal day which includes rotting at home surfing the net.

Orientation for my Curtin Course!!!! Met a lot of people I failed to see during the 3 months break!!! 

After that, went out with them for a movie at Sunway~

Went to college again, to changed my CIB to BIS. The Curtin system lagged throughout the whole process. Something simple that could be finished within 15 minutes time strecthed for hours. D:

It was a public holiday, so all my mother side's family went to visit another relative together. Except for the durian ice-cream buffet there, nothing interesting happened.

Went shopping at Tropicana City Mall. Had lunch at.... Sorry I forgot despite being there for a number of times already... Hehe

My seafood spaghetti. Honestly, all I want to eat was the prawns. So the mussels, clams, and sotongs went to my mum's plate. :3

Pork Burger!!!!  Finally in Malaysia!!! Rejoice people!!!

Last day of CNY!! Did nothing extraordinary.
1st March
End of CNY.

And this concludes my CNY for 2010~ 
And now, 
I shall get some sleep and wake up early at 6.30 for tomorrow's class. 
Good night people~

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