Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Bash

The preparations were gruesome. I mean, you have to brainstorm to think of what to get for 6 people in (hopefully) one shopping session which might last for a whole day. It didn't turn out as we expected.

Feeling very lazy, especially *coughs coughs* never mind who, we thought of just throwing them a nice meal and that's it. But thanks to Mama, Papa, and those weirdos on my direct family side, we ended up buying presents for them.

It came with Voon's sms about ah Pay's neck tie. Then Papa's invitation for the shopping session. And after that Voon's sms about Papa's puzzle. Followed up by Bling's body mist, Annie's photo frame materials, Eloise's scarf, and Yang's T-shirt. And lastly, Annie's fully last-minute-assembled-photo frame.

Since I'm the smartest, brightest, and most brilliant of all *coughs coughs*, I had to take up the mission of getting the frame done. (I tak beh tahan seeing people like *ahem ahem* doing, must take up the mission by myself cause it's for Annie it has to be perfect.)

Amy playing with the frame borders while I was working really hard, during the lecture, on another one.... =.=

The new INTI. So pretti.
All hand-made!!! The cutting of the board, the anyaman-ing, the glue-sticking, the tape-sticking, the measuring, the designing, and other little stuffs. Credits to those mad women around me for giving me all sorts of weird inspirations.

Here, I do remember mentioning that Tee passed away on a very hot afternoon on 3rd of March. D: RIP May you 2 enjoy your life in heaven.

Here's the chocolate moose.

And here's the tale of the moose:

2 hungry people, well make it one hungry people and one not so hungry people, who were Priya and I, went to Baker's to enjoy our breakfast. And so Priya ordered Baker's delicious Nasi Lemak Rendang (it's just this terribly good I swear!!), I was walking around the shop, constantly staring at the moose I've been dying to eat. 

But no, the weigh master's roaring voice thundered through my inner soul and I've always forbid myself from buying the calorie bomb. And then, this wonderful thought struck me. In the end, Priya and I bought the moose to test its qualification while enjoying the lovely desert. 

Quoted from Rachel Lum, 'Half the calories(& $$), twice the fun!'

Lovely chocolate is lovely.

And then, we started thinking of the wild drawings we could request to be drawn on the moose. Finally, we made the orders and went back to class with a glee on our faces. 

End of the chocolatey tale.

Moving on, we had to make the reservation for 15+, which turned out to be a total of 17 people, at Korean Street Cafe, a full house~ Hurray!!! xD Now, why KSC? It's because the 1st floor's rooms were awesome and homely, and we get to take off our shoes. xD

And the day arrived at last, which I nearly couldn't come due to *ahem ahem*.

But never mind that. Went to college around 9.30 to found out that I left the second half of the wish card was left at home. How traumatising. But thanks to the Library printer for providing me free paper, we managed to signed it before the ceremony. But that would be very near the end of the party so let's skip first.

Mr. Pay was the first birthday star we met on that day, and mind you, he was on time (what a shock). After fooling around with the toys provided in the KSC, Peanut came with the moose safely tucked in the kitchen below. And so the 4 mad people continued their mad game with the wigs, toy sword, air-filled baseball bat, and the shiny bow hat.

Then CerTong arrived, Chelsia came, Amy came, Bling and Annie reached and etc... Everyone except sakai 37 and Jiri Lipas. Never minding them, we ordered our lunch and it came in a swift, the moment the 2 arrived. (Great service!)

With everyone there, I could finally gathered all the signatures and wishes on the card and finished the photo frame. Aw, too bad I couldn't sit with Annie with my secret mission going on. But I suspect that she suspected something. Hahar. Did you Annie??

And yes, we get to see this kind of spontaneous fights going around... lol

After our very stomach-filling meal, the KSC gave us free Korean ice-creams!!! But nobody's allowed to eat before the 6 people gave their birthday speeches!!!

Then, it was the present giving ceremony~ Hohoho!!! So many presents!!!

Like a Xmas party...

Ah Yang wearing his new shirt!!!
He looks very manly in it!!! Maybe it's because the shirt brought out his muscle outline, but he said it's a bit tight in the shoulder... Oops, not my fault. lol

Then we took out the moose~~ Look at Bling!!! So cute hor!!

Papa and Annie!!!

OMG!! Annie!!! How come you've got a small patch on your head that looks bald!!!! Is it the genius syndrome??? Now we know what to get for your birthday next year....

Look at Mr. Pay wishing! How cute!!! xD

All the birthday people blowing their candles~

Papa force-feeding my dog the moose she couldn't finish... lol

Mr. Pay and his smiley cake, the lady failed to draw the pictures nicely.

And he's the only to finish it alone!!! lol

And WHUT is this? Do you really have to write my name (So BIG somemore) and stick it on the entrance???

Ok, I have a very lengthy post here, so I shall stop here. *phew* Needs to work on the Potato Project I've put aside for some time...

For the last time, Happy Birthday to the March babies~ And to Ah Yang (the last March boy, in college) Happy Birthday!!!! xD

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