Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bits and Pieces

See the scratch marks see the scars. I'm allergic to dust mite how pathetic and it sucks to be. Should I be grateful that I'm not allergic to food? Or maybe I should be grateful that I'm not allergic to the medicine...

All it takes to grow fungus on fungus and more fungus on the fungus growing on top of your head, which usually turns the host into an involuntary afro head. Also the cause of me vomiting blood and internal bleeding due to watching lousy anime. I was bored and that's it.

I don't drink coffee, unless there's chocolate in it. But chocolate all the way if possible. Had a nice brunch with the creepy lawyer-to-be, the psychotic dream girl, and the guy who uses a China phone (I must say his phone looks hot but I rather not use it in case it blows up any part of my body)

Trainings and trainings. Potato (豆豆's official English name) will soon how to sing. yesyoureadmeright. She's learning 'down' right now, an achievement neither dogs or cats or hamsters or fish have done so. Soon, it'll be 'roll over'. But currently, she's no doubt going to be bald quickly due to excessive frowning. You heard read me right, she frowns, a lot, for a puppy her age.

It's a looooooong holiday that's coming to an end faster than I know. Part of me embraces it while the other part certainly rejects it. Definitely, Uni = less time at home and more time for outings (no mistake here, but it's true in my case), but it also carries the meaning of homeworks and assignments and projects and exercises and reports and proposals and the list goes on and on to mugen and beyond.

Don't bring your work home, a lot of people say. What happens when your boss lives under the same roof as yours? Life's sweet, simple as that. You get to work under him 24/7 and as long he please, no excuse, unless your customers are waiting for some export business in the loo.

There's no way I'll sleep before 12 with my laptop connected on my desk in my bedroom.

Had a few lunch session with Bling at Baker's Cottage and Korean Street Cafe. There goes my money, all traded for her latest gossip.

Kingdom Hearts
I'm playing it again. Thanks to boredumb. Harhar. I know I should be watching the not so interesting channel 518/519 on Astro but because it's his orders that my natural immune system started resisting it. Now we shall see when I'll be screwed up for not doing so harhar isn't this exciting? It's ok, I have time, now let's finish up Chain of Memories ENG ver and I'll start the JAP ver!!!! YAY!! Miyu Irino as Sora!!!

Just got hooked up with Monochrome Factor. I ended up watching the anime, which resulted with blood vomiting and internal blood loss for countless time. And I think I'm dropping Fairy Tail, ohwatamIsaying, I've dropped it already. Same reason, all due to deformed characters and lousy script. Sadsadsad, I just don't understand why can't they learn how to do something decent and scrap those MahouShoujo transformation scenes!!!!!!!

If I count my official outing with random people I find free at the moment it's like, less than 2 times in Jan oh wait did I even make it for the 2nd time? All due to one remark hem-hem made, 'goBUplayplayandnowyouscrewupyourwork'... Ah yes, my memories certainly didn't fail me at all, it was you who questioned me for staying in house and not being active at all, heck, you even asked how long have I last seen my friends. And now you're not happy with my work and decided that I'm not worthy to go out. Life is sweet and I'm a piece of trash. Since trash don't play, I shall stay indoors so that you won't have to degrade yourself anymore, how noble of me. harppi? And if you ask me why, I'm not telling you the reason harhar.

Phone call
It was nice to hear the voice of someone over the phone, or you can put it this way, there's no way you can not smile while hearing the bullet train's crazy voice.

Restaurant City
Yes I'm still playing. With this dream design I have in my mind, I'm working very hard on it. But Playfish made me changed the plan so much with its upgraded version that I had to work harder for moar money. Sad case. Fortunately, they increased my ability to make more money for good. Phew.

Maggi mee/Nihon mee/Korean mee for lunch, dinner, tea, and supper. Oh scrap, I forgot, it's only for lunch. If you ask me, I have totally forgotten how lunch was like when we were young. But with our amazing cooking skill, when there's no food at home (not literally duh) we eat instant noodles like white bread, which has now been replaced by wholemeal bread under hem-hem's influence due to the fear of high-blood pressure after he quits smoking. Yeah, congratulations on the determination and so on, but why did you smoke at the first place?

William never told me warm up before playing. Ebil guy. Bleh.

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