Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cameron - Flowers

A delayed post.

Anyway, here's some pretty photos of flowers I captured during my Cameron trip with my Olympus~

My favourites:

Queen of all queens. That's all I can say.

Love the colours in this photo, sadly my hand trembled so it's blurred... D:

Simple and pretty. The golden stamen really stands out in the simple background of green and white.

The beauty of something insignificant.

Pretty pretty flowers that seem to glow~~
I liked this a lot, some while ago... But after my mum pointed out that the grass in the background wasn't very green... Its ranking slipped. But hey, it's not my fault that the grass wasn't green!!

Love the tone and colour of this flower~ Especially its very unique, stamen (that's what it's called, right...?)~

Have you seen this before? Maybe not. Because they so small that usually you'd just trod over them... Sad things...


This too...? Nvm... It's not like I'm entering some competition... D:

Now this... I'm not a fan of snails. It's here just because I want to show off my awesome skill of capturing this slimy snail on a Lily...

You've seen the picture perfect flowers, now let's have a peek into reality.
The forgotten ones can be pretty too!

The commoners of my collection:

Cactus!!! Fluffy cactus!!! So cute right????

Orchid!! I have absolutely no idea... But looking at this always reminds me of an egg... xD

Rose...? I think... Anyway, personally I think it looks like a crumpled tissue sprinkled with water... lol

Some random yellow flower...

Strawberry flower!!! Now you know how it looks like!!!

It's 10am++ when I took this. So all the water droplets have dried up...


Some lantern-like flowers~ So adorable!!!

Random flowers are usually yellow... :)

Spider web in the tea plant!!!

Side view of a shy flower...

And now the front view!!

Another Orchid~~

And this concludes my Cameron 2009 post. Which reminds me... My post of Flowers from Perth is slowly rotting somewhere in the dark... D:

If you're observant enough... You might notice that all the subjects in my photos have tendency of being at the right side... lol

Ps, the dimension of the photos are 1280x960.
Which means they're huge and wallpaper-worthy if you like~ :D

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