Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm late >.<

As the tittle says, I'm late!!!!! D:

While others greeted 2010 and looked back at 2009 reminiscing those memorable times, I'm still here.

But wow, it's been a busy month for me.

I've been travelling North and South visiting my grandparents, celebrating birthdays, and shopping helping out at my aunt's restaurant 600cc, and not to mention working for my dad (maybe I should have pretend that I can't use Photoshop at all... ). xD

Brought my pair of monkeys to Taman SEA to get their exercise books. All the cars were taken and so I used my dad's new (to him) 8-year-old Merce...

How I love my old Honda. Merce is meant for BIG people with BIG hands, BIG foot, LONG legs, and a BIG wallet to pay for accidents bill. Never again do I want to touch that car again!!!!!!! The pedal was too BIG, the seat was too BIG, my foot was too small and not to mention I have short legs and RIP for me if I scratch it... D:

And naturally, the back doors were always not opened, so I had to drive all the way in front. With the beloved Ministry had to release the PMR result early (unknown to me since JiaLe told me it'd be on the 28th) and the frantic students+parents all waiting, I drove all the way to the back gate... D:

Sad people, these students had to wear uniforms to get their result. Tsk tsk. Pure sadness. Thank god our time was over!!

Went back to Penang for another weekend the next day and celebrated Xmas with Vincy~~ ♥

The Penang Bridge got expanded!! It now had 3 lanes on both sides!!! No more terrible fruit jams!!

Drove all the way to Penang island for the meetings!!! Luckily my mum had some business to do and I was able to meet Vincy~

Me and Vincy!!!

lol The wind was so strong that our hair were messed up!!! Vincy took a few shots but the rest weren't that nice at all!!! xD She needs to practice harder!!!

Went walking around the little shopping mall opposite of Adventist Hospital and we had ice-creams at McD together~

Wonder how many people sneeze when we chatted!! :3 The weirdest topics were probably those about gays/lesbians/my confession to Annie~ LOL

The next night we celebrated my Ah Gong's Birthday together with my paternal grandparents and the Queen of Chaos!!!

Got up real early in the morning again to get back to PJ for our Japanese lesson...

Spent the rest of the week working at home and that's pretty much how my 2009 ended...

Will update real soon about my current status with the new and heart-meltingly adorable and blur-blur puppy!!! ♥

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