Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cameron - Corns

Meiko and where's the sake??
It's Pasar Malam!!!!!

My mum and I went shopping at the pasar malam in Cameron!!

We planned to go on the night before, but we were all wore out and it was scary (to me at least) when it was dark in the mountain... >.<>illegally at the police's apartment... But we were very lucky to spotted a car leaving near the pasar!! :3

Short walking distance= good parking spot :D

Giant leeks!!!!!!!!!!

Almost all the greens/plants/flowers there are huge. But the price weren't as cheap as we thought. It's still cheaper though, seeing that it's a tourist hotspot we supposed that's why the price was still kinda high considering that transport fee should be excluded.

There were veges, flowers, jackets (the weather was cool and cold at night, naturally ), strawberries phone straps, dried strawberries, corns, fresh strawberries, toys, and more strawberries plushies all around the pasar malam.

KFC at Cameron!!!

We left the market with bags (literally) of corns, some in our backpacks and some in plastics bags, some veges and some steamed corns (again!!).

By the time we got back from the night market driving through the dark, dark streets, these people at home had started a cackling fire!!!


A fire at home in Malaysia!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee~~ FASCINATING!!! xD

The aunties and uncles were the ones who started the idea!!! Haha.
They even moved the Mahjong table into the living room from the other room since it was so cozy there~

And...... This is how it looked when the fired died...

Went to bed early that night (after having corns for supper) since we had to wake up eeeaaaarly in the morning to get our Japanese class.

Woke up around 6 and started packing our things, and not forgetting the last-minute photo spamming spree~~~

From the nearest in clockise: our wardrobe key, room key, and bathroom key!!

The four of us (me, my mum, sis, and bro) shared 2 rooms and a bathroom, me and my sis, my mum and my bro. Our rooms were connected by the bathroom and only one side of the bathroom has a bolt while my side needs to be locked with a key.

Love the keys!!! It's so antique and Kingdom Hearts-ish!!!

The key hole of my room door to the living room!!! In ancient times and movies/novels/animes, you can peek into the other side the key hole!!! And so we tried it out~ Not much can be seen but still we could see something!!

It was so fun taking bath when it's cold! We got to see the bathroom getting misty~

My room!!!

The bed was soft~ The blanket was warm, only after I snuggled inside to warm it up... And believe it or not, we brought our own pillows and blankets!! Our blankets get warm faster so I covered myself with my own blanket before pulling up the thick and heavy one on the bed!

The temperature was cold at night and the blanket was just right for us! It feels good to snuggle inside my warm bed when it's cold~

This is where our housekeeper lives with her family + Blacky, right in front of our house!!

The living room with the fireplace!!

The other side of the living room!! The bright light over there is the entrance!!

The dining area!!

Where we had all our great dinners!!

The Mahjong/Ping Pong area!! So bright so pretty in the morning!! But it was rather scary at night when the surroundings was dark and we couldn't see anything from inside...

The view from upstairs!!! My mum's friends left before we did (those hungry people will do anything to get to Ipoh to get a good breakfast) so we went up to the rooms they used~

Front view of our house!!

The narrow road leading to our bungalow!
Taken while we drove down...

Group photo before we left Cameron!!

And this concludes our trip to Cameron this year!!!

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