Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Picture Stories

Snow Ice. (9th November 2009)

I was pretty excited when I saw the Hyaku-en (aka the Hundred Yen shop)shop was under 'construction', overtaking some lot I didn't bother to know around a month ago.

The main reason is definitely this!!

How I love the ice flakes melts into my mouth, pampering my taste buds while I travel to wonderland for that moment... >.<

The Street Cafe. (15th October 2009)

Here's Amy, still so hard-working during lunch time... Apparently, a certain someone was obviously missing.

For students from the Subang area, you cannot afford not to know this a-few-months-old shop, the Street Cafe!!! (Gosh why am I advertising it for free???) The food is decent, though, avoid it if your wallet is going to die from bankruptcy...

The Stick As You Pleased Wall.

The interior design is charming and delightful. The ground floor looks ordinary, but the first floor is full of fun!! *points* Look at what one can do while waiting for food!!!
They can even print the photo for us and paste on the wall!! That, is a service we need to try out one day!!!

Together with the 'lazy-bird'.

Nestle Corn Flakes. (3rd November 2009)

Not the laptop, but the corn flakes in front of the bin. I know I'm amazing for throwing the empty box forward and making it to land upright, facing everyone.

Really, our lessons these days are getting so free... I don't feel like I'm studying right now. Feels more like we're going through a a smooth sail with very few bumps...

Occasionally (a month ago) we'd go out and eat together. But now, we're like eating together almost everyday...

Went to McD when Mr. Big Belly cancelled class with Annie, Priya, and Bling. As usual, Priya went on her sugar spree while Bling eats like a normal human as she watches her wife abusing the sugar.

Annie and I were normal (and healthy) !!! Nope, not a speck of sugar or cream sneak into our drinks, respectively coffee and tea.

Bling. (26th October 2009)

'Priya is happy,' said Bling.


'Look beside.'

'I see.'

Why were we in Sushi Kin? I couldn't recall. But Priya was certainly very satisfied after the meal... Priya and Bling had curry meals, as I feared, Priya wasn't used to the sweet Nihon Curry... :3

'I'm scared that I'll die.' Priya.

'Sushis don't kill Priya. You won't die from eating wasabi and weird-looking sushi.'

We need to go to eat Japanese cuisine more often. Priya has practically 0% knowledge on Japan.

Negi.(??) (25th October 2009)

Let's be honest. I'm not good at recognizing veggies. But these sure look like the one Hachune's holding.

Went to pasar with my mum in the morning at ss14. It's been so long since I last visited it. I used to go there with my mum on every Sunday morning long before I started my Ballet lesson in FAB.

Since I changed my Ballet school and Jaya was getting less attractive, we seldom went there anymore. Walking around the pasar and seeing those old faces bring back memories.

I was so young back then and now everyone I met would say to my mum, 'your daughter has really grown.' Kinda awkward though...

Dodgeball. (6th October 2009)

It's been quite some time since we last played dodgeball ever since the tournament ended. This was a game between the MAD people, Metro-peeps, and the Sunway players.

It was really fun playing with more people. And yeah, I killed WaiTat. Awesome achievement for me. It shall be a game I will never forget.

Never ever look down on a girl, you don't want to know what will happen to you.

Had another game with the Inti people. With the experienced and pros on our side (despite wearing dropping jeans, slippers, leather shoes, and formal shirt), we dominated somehow... xD

My achievement: killed a guy and saved a game.

I know I'm awesome. :D

Melon Salad. (18th October 2009)

Really, I don't eat SALAD. I don't like veggies. They're tasteless and some are bitter... But this salad my mum ordered is really cute.

Really really cute.

Went to a cafe named Indulge in Tropicana City Mall in the afternoon. The food was scrumptious (if you cover the price tag, it's the kind of place you have to bring your parents to so that they will pay the bill for you).

The decoration was really creative. I had cheese sprinkled on my spaghetti and my mum had this row of adorable melon balls with her salad.

How delightful. :3

日本语. (18th October 2009)

The Japanese class is shrinking. Maybe it's good for us, since less students=more attention to us. For me, I've been waiting for the progress to catch up with my current standard, finally I can feel some challenges in the lesson.

Though, it's nice to have my memories refreshed and to start anew.

Getting to the centre is no problem, getting back is the bigger problem. Thank god I've drove Amy and Priya around there sometimes, I was able to escape my own lost-maze without much difficulty. I think I'm using different routes to go back everytime...

As annoying as getting lost in the wild is, it's actually quite fun to roam around the ulu's area... xD


Will stop here. I shall update more often as soon as my already-going-back-on-track life goes back to normal.

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