Friday, November 13, 2009

Krispy Kreme Owns Ninja

Watched Ninja yesterday.

Smuggled Krispy Kreme into the cinema, when I took it out, I could vaguely see the very sad outline of the doughnut. D:

Mistaken it for Ninja Assasin. D: *I thought they shorten the name ' Ninja Assassin' to 'Ninja', turned out I was terribly wrong*

No Rain, not that I'm obsessed about him, it's just I feel that he'd be n times better than the 'Cassey'. D:

Run away if you don't want spoilers. But there's not much to spoil anyway...

Have you watched Hercules? Ninja is similar to that.
Except that:
There's no monster, thought there's the special elixir of life that saves life (can you guess what's gonna happen?)

No ancient Greeks, but a white guy learning the art of ninja.

The fighting scene is decent. But the climax is
lame. We always know the hero will have to go through some sort of traumatising event before he can unleash his true power right? Right?

The Villain is uncool, unoriginal, and lame.
The typical low class villain must violent, angry-looking, a bit thick in the head, power-hungry, and very powerful. Remember Hades? At least he's funny with his flame hair, and his 2 followers are effective comic relief.

The Hero is uncool, unoriginal, and not hot enough. What's with the sulky face? SMILE PLEASE. Sure, you're an orphan, but wow, am I suppose to salute you for sulking for 10 years++?

The Heroine isn't bad (maybe because she's a Nihon-jin... xD), though it sucks when they made her fight and own the bad guy but
always ended being saved by who-else-do-you-think?.

The plot, if I throw my sister there, she could tell you all the possibilities and she'll get the whole story in 5 minutes.

End of the lame spoilers.

Some random photo of Ah Tong and Ah Chong!! xD

Oh, it's Friday the 13th!!! lol Wonder how's Fahrenheit now... :D

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