Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Presentation!!

Finished our last presentation for this sem and the whole UFP!!!!

First time everyone wears a jacket~~~ xD *I'm never going to wear a skirt again!!!*

Sadly, the achievement lacks the 'phew' and 'wow' feeling we always get from Ms. Tina and Ms. Malini, which is exactly why Mr. James needs to be retrained!!!!!

Highlight only if you want to read my crazy ramblings on the wine belly guy. Or else just go straight to the photos~

That big belly old man crammed the whole class' presentation in one lesson. An average of 30 minutes per group. Not exactly enough especially when the computer can be unstable sometimes and we're gonna waste some time on that.

So, maybe that's not enough to condemn him to hell. Just wait, there's more. I'm not sure whether he was paying attention or not. I mean, he doesn't even laugh at the funny part! According to AK3, the group presented before we did, he toyed with his ring and sms-ed during their presentation.

I'm totally losing my respect for him.

Ok, so maybe he wants revenge on us for not paying attention + sleeping during his lecture. Come on, it's his fault for not doing his job properly! Lecturers are not supposed to read from their slides!!! Plus his slides are so un-professional!!! What's with the word-packed slides? Don't you know it's suppose to be short and simple, which screams point-forms instead of throwing the whole essay into it?

And he didn't bother to comment or ask anything and just vanished from the class room before anyone of us did! What kind of lecturer is that?

Somehow, I miss Ms. Tina and Ms. Malini. Sure, lessons with them are hell-ish, but at least we learned something through experience, unlike Mr. James, whatever he's teaching me I'm not gonna listen cause I can just memorised his messy notes.

It's really depressing to have him in our last sem. To think that everyone was so high-spirit and prepared everything nicely for the presentation, he didn't even bother to comment on it.

Lol. Ok, I won't let that dumb old man to spoil our mood.

Now, photos~~~~~

xD Annie's like some big boss!!!!! She's really cool whey~ lol Teaching CerTong Stats!!

Group pic!!! A photo of all AK girls except Ah Tong taking the photo~ (Thanks Cer~)

Fact: We all knew that Annie looks good in everything.
if only she's a guy and I'd go for him *Annie, I know you feel like hitting 'Alt+F4' buttons, but rest assure, no more weird things below*

Went to Pyramid for lunch and a mini celebration. Had fun camwhoring in the toilet~ xD Had lunch at Popeye and window shopped for a bit.

This is Becha (Lizzie). Who was well prepared and got out cautiously.

This, is Priya, who just got out of The Loo without knowing the evil plot. Lovely photo indeed.

And this concludes our uneventful (in terms of being serious with our studies) yet fun-fill (camwhore!!!!) presentation.

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