Thursday, November 19, 2009


We were here.

The Senyap sign!!!!! xD
It used to be us, lining up like idiots at the badminton court last year.
So nostalgic.

My sis phoned us this around 12.30 and blasted us with her result, 5A and 2B (well, if I must specify, all I can say they're the subjects we dreaded the most)

My brother's survival was unknown until, his mum phoned me and I met them to check the result personally.

A - Math
B - English, Science, Chinese
C - Pemahaman, Chinese
E - Penulisan

If not mistaken, that's his result. Wauw. He got an A (he had to, not that he's got a choice since I told him I'll skin him if he doesn't).

6 years ago, it was my mum and I registering. Today, it was me, my mum, and my bro; my sis was still at school performing.

Met Pn Hanim, near the gym. It was nice to see her sunny smile again. :D

It was smooth sail for my brother, and he secured his place in Taman SEA within 5 minutes, same goes to my sis of course.

Missed my sis' performance. D: Hers just ended seconds after I entered the hall. When I turned around to call my mum, the girls exited the stage and the guys came in.

Her class got 1st place, and Amber Chia gave them full mark. O.o Amazing.
Though, I don't like the fact that the boys and girls dance separately... D:

And I'd just got myself reminded that this stage is so much bigger than the one in Taman SEA...

Moving back to Penang. Went back last weekend to visit my grandpa who visited the hospital a few times in a month.

His lunch at home.
He just got out safely and he's happy to see us at home with him.
Looking at my aunty preparing his lunch gave me a kind of warm feeling, like, this-is-how-home-is-like kind of warmth. :3

My 外婆's Har Mee.
It's vegetarian, but the best Har Mee ever!!!!!
Full of 外婆's love and more love~
I'm exaggerating.
I like to hide in go to 外婆's house, cause my dad won't be there and I have my otaku-cousin's collection to indulge. And when my younger cousin comes from next door, I get to bully play with her. :3

Don't you think this look very familiar? (hint: where would you go where you can shop and skate at the same time?)

UFP's gonna end in a week's time, exam's next week. Yes, I really need to study my subjects right now. D:

The obstacles are: my laptop, the sofa, the bed, comics, comics, and more comics.

Abstinence, is a key to success, and it's exactly what I lack of. D:
Ah well, I'll just have to think of something.

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