Friday, October 16, 2009

青春无敌的 17 + 1 岁!!

Were you waiting for this?? :3 Don't blame me, blame the connection and overwhelming number of Kaito/Len/Rin video form Youtube (:D King of Blue over the Sea by Kaito really rocks!! His voice is soo hot~ >.<).

I did not murder the cake. :3

That's it, we're going to TGI on everyone's birthday.

Went to college to fetch Lizzie and Bling. Sadly I didn't get to give Priya the grand entrance... While waiting for Annie, Cerlyn, and Amy, we went shopping~ :) And I bought a pair of shoes~

When we arrived at TGI, the trio were already there, seating themselves at the out-most area. damn.

Ordered the Shrimp and Chicken Spaghetti. I'm hopeless for it. xD Too bad TGI don't serve the cream spaghetti I rarely eat but had a sudden craving for it that day. Veggie-girl didn't knew there were chickens hiding in the spaghetti and had some of it. xD

Dessert!! :) Mocha Latte!! Another weakness of mine, anything chocolate!! :3

Running out of time, we finished our food swiftly, and evil Annie checked me. Let's skip the embarrassing incident (except my confession to Annie and announcement of the greatness of Peanut's boobs). :D

We sped back to college and parked my car (I'm sure that's my worst parking ever). Spend the whole lecture finishing the essay I failed to do as mentioned in my previous post. :D (which gave me enough reason not to turn around to spy at the people behind me :P)

Another round of chorus echoed in the hall after the lecture and evaluation (ok, so I didn't write with my still-in-training left hand. But I can guarantee that he won't be able to recognise my well-written comment. I can write distinctive handwriting when I want~)

And then I got bombed. >.< Nya~ The Card, Puzzle, Hand-made photo frame, and Ang Paus!! >.< Inside of the card~

These 2 gave me the heaviest impact:


Named Dorothy and Tee. Sad things.

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! What are you 2 doing to my hamstaaaars!!!!!!! Suffocating them?? Aren't you supposed to listen to Mr. Andrew during class??

The lesson was very distracted. 2 are allergic to the hamsters, while the rest squeaked at their slightest movement. Sad la you people. Afraid of 2 innocent hamsters.

My sister was elated, as if she was the one who got the hamsters and dragged me to the pet shop and get them a new home, water bottle, and a small house for them.

Back at home...

Ice cream cake from Swensens!!

It was a great day despite being *gasps* one year older~ Thanks for all the wishes via sms, Facebook, and etc!! :3

Love ya~

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