Monday, October 19, 2009

Celebration - Pathetic

Three cheers for the 3 stars of Orion~ :3

So this is how it feels, to be enjoying the heavenly internet connection while watching the 2 nutties' antic work behaviours in discussion room 3.

Don't worry kak/bang/evil aunty, we won't be using that room that much very soon. xD

Amy is the workaholic who enjoys the monitoring the progress of our project report like a big boss.

'You don't finish your chart you don't go home!'

Eeeek. Yes, Mistress Amy. T.T *goes back to work*

This is what happens when Amy is the leader.

Priya is the obedient one and does her work, when she's not facebooking. Always typing everything Amy mumbles *sometimes when she wasn't fast enough, she'd record it down (wonders of technology...)*

She's the typical secretary.

As for me, no doubt I'm the most fabulous team mate you can have~
I'm quiet.
I don't disturb others and stay in my digital world silently.
I work behind the scene.
I will turn up only when you need me.
I know how to use computer more efficiently than the noobs do.
I leave most of the things to you *yes, you can do it your way*. (Though, I'll interfere when I can't stand it...)

I dare to say that we've spent at least 10 hours in that room working (well maybe not me) on the project.

And so our work progress calls for a celebration~

'Snow Flakes?'

'Don't want so near la~ We go Baskin Robbins~'

'Where got BR here?'

'Taipan or Subang Parade!'

'But BR expensive la... Got other places?'


'Don't want McD!! Ah~ There's this Dessert Bar at Subang Parade! How bout that??'

'Ok ok!! Yay!! We got Subang Parade!! Ah no wait!! How bout our laptops?'


'Er... We can put them in my boot and take the battery with us...'

'You sure or not...? Safe meh?'

'Or you just bring along la...'

'Heavy la.'

'But safe ah?'

'How are they gonna bash up the boot?'


'We go find somewhere we can park the car in front of the shop...?'


'BR at Taipan?'


'How sure are you that there's gonna be a parking lot empty in front?'

'...... Snow Flakes then...'

*never in our life did we hate our laptops so much*

We walked all the way to Snow Flake, but it was crowded, so McD for ice-cream. But it was pretty full as well so we went to Burger King. Pathetic.

Emo Amy waiting for her Ice Cream.

BK sad la. No people and the staff all so relax... The ice-cream taste like milk powder...

Very quiet at BK, until I went to buy the *freakingly* expensive Cheese Sticks.

Oh, the fun of eating the sticks were hilarious! The cheese was soooooooo sticky and elastic!!

These are the days,
that seem normal.
But they're not.
Because every second with you,
is a special moment worth remembering..

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