Thursday, August 27, 2009

3rd Sem!

Macro-econs. That's a cute picture Ms. Loo drew to show the cash flow to us. And it just so happens that she hovered her hand over it when I took this photo~ Cute whey!!

Ms. Loo is pretty strict, but think of the positive side, I get to focus more... But she won't be teaching us in tutorial, we have, Mr. Andrew instead. *scans for the long-forgotten Mr. Andrew-draft-I-wrote-decades-ago* Will post it one day. Now we'll see if he can remember my name or not. If he doesn't, it'll be another good laugh.

Imagine your lecturer not being able to remember your name after spending 3 months with you and decided to skip you when he questions the whole class simply because of that.

As for Management, Mr. James (if not mistaken) needs to be under probation for some time, until I know him better... Management needs us to interview people and cooperation... I hate interviews... *heartbeat increases*

Statistics is gonna be fun I guess. Mr. Tee aka Mr. T, is young at heart and very friendly, occasionally cracking jokes and making fun of Gunitha. (Ah yes, Cleste, I found a new victim!) I'm gonna work hard for this!! It's math!!! Another subject I can score 100 if I'm careful and smart hardworking enough!!! But the lecture today, and on every subsequent Thursday, is ridiculous. We come to college in the morning, sit for 2 hours and get back home at 10am? (-.-)lll

What a waste of petrol... Can we not squeeze it in our pretty-free schedule on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday...?

The lockers are back, and just in time I guess. I missed the car-park paying date. *self-punch* Now have to park opposite college... Lucky I have Elizabeth to cross the dangerous traffic with me as long as Lucas doesn't volunteer to fetch her. Since I can't park in the college, I can't store my things in the car anymore... T.T

And now, wonder who's gonna group with me for the projects? Funny eh. At first no one wants to group with Annie coz she's too quiet, and now they're killing fighting each other to be with her because Annie has the most advanced alien brain (but she's not a prawn)... Such irony.

The text books are stabbing my wallet. RM140 for Macro-econs?! Hmmm... I think I'll buy the original, since my mum, dad, and mum can claim from income tax...

Got my Academic Transcript. I got 77.93 for average! 10.02% higher than my last sem!!! xD Thanks to Math, English, and Business Communication (Maybe I should aim higher for BCM, then Ms Malini might give me more marks to meet my goal xD)!! My Accounts dropped. I know I'm hopeless... If only I study harder for it I'm sure I can score 90. The thing is, I can't stand repeating writing the same boring thing over and over again... @.@ *stares at the general journal and cash flow statement in horror*

The only part I'm good at are the stock cards and scheduling the budgets... lol Just because they're more about math. xD

And now, back to couching the devil monkeys for UPSR. Just hope my brother passes his BM, English and Chinese. Really, I don't understand how can he not pass these... *sighs* His hand writing really needs to improve...

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