Friday, August 28, 2009

Snitches and Twitches

What I need to do now.

I paid Rm65 to buy a Jersey with my name on it, and to learn how to modify it.

No thanks to Lucas.

I've been taking off my shirt and putting it on again and again for countless times on Wednesday. I used my lucky pink shirt as the sample and re-sewed the side at least 4 times... Urgh. Chopped off the sleeves until they're at least half of its original length. The cutting of the jersey differs a bit from my pink shirt, so I kept re-doing it until I realize that the shape of the sleeves needs to change. Really smart of me.

Stitching, un-stitching, sewing, picking, drawing, measuring, I actually abandon food to do them... A bit over-concentrated... lol

The best part was when it was finally 8, Lizzie's coming in 45 minutes, I haven't eat my dinner, the bottom part of the jersey was not done, only 1 side of the sleeves was done and both ends of the sleeves were yet to be trimmed. I started to do everything faster, first by removing the hay-wired thread and drew the line. Then I stuffed a sleeve onto the machine and started sewing.

And great, the machine got jammed, for some unknown reasons. I removed everything to check and put them back. Once again, I started sewing, and the machine jammed with a 'CRACK!' and wouldn't budge no matter how hard I stomp on the accelerator-thingy or spin the wheel, and the needle was halfway through the sleeve.


I whisked Savy to do something for me while I quickly crammed some food down my throat... 20 minutes left. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Lizzie's coming... Another 10 minutes passed and we found the needle broken and the jersey's stuck onto the machine... T.T

GREAT. (>.<)lll In the end we managed to pull it out and I had Savy to trim the ends of the sleeves to make them balance, and off I went to dodgeball with the un-done jersey... 'Oh My Gosh! It looks so modified!!' Someone compared my half-done jersey with her bat-sized one.

'Haha, yeah. But it's not done...' *prays that the sleeve won't fall apart...*

'But it won't fall apart?'

*I certainly hope so*

We got the boys to sign the Thank You cards for Ms. Malini and Ms Tina and it was still very early... So we stalked *...* . lol

Then, I finally got my Crocs voucher~~ xD

A pair of free Prepair!

Ok... It looks a bit crumple. Don't blame me... T.T

We watched the game between the Hyenas and Pirahnazz. LOL The supporters were so noisy!!!

Hyenas! Pirahnazz! Hyenas!! Pirahnazz!!

There you go, all going 'nuts'. lol They rhymes. So cool.

It was getting real late, not to mention dark when it was finally our turn.

'We've got only 3 marshals, so be honest.' wow, interesting game we had.

*poof* goes the light, and darkness descended.

'They turned off the air-con!' went Lucas and the temperature rose.

Very eco-friendly match indeed.

Dunnoe why, but the match felt less stressful. Maybe because there weren't that many people staring and it was darker than usual that I wasn't stage-frighten? lol

When the match finally ended, we were happy that we won but I was even happy that it was time to go home. My dad sounded pretty demanding back on the phone...

The funniest part was, as we were happily bouncing on tiptoes out of the building, we were greeted warmly by a torrent of waterfall, which I wonder why didn't I notice when we're inside...

Everyone laughed at the rain in disbelieve, with the usual people swearing at it. Great timing. Lucas was decisive, being the one to run into the pouring rain after we recovered from the shock. lol But Lizzie and I didn't follow him, so he returned. Lizzie had the huge cards with her. It was late, it was dark, and it was raining.

Amusingly, Lizzie stuffed the cards under her jersey for maximum protection. Thank god hers wasn't modified yet, either wise it'll be too small to fit the cards! xD Then we started running together. And that's when the voucher got a bit of external force acted on it...

The game result!!! Wow, the rain was heavy and it was cold. All Lucas' car mirrors were foggy. xD

Interesting day we had...

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