Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pandora Hearts

Yes, Pandora Hearts! The manga shares a similar art style as FMA, although less detail. But the anime suck... The characters look hideous most of the time. Gilbert's eyes are to slim!! Their clothes are out of shape!! T.T

Thank god, at least they have Fukuyama Jun as Vincent, who makes everything more enjoyable.

Alice's ribbon is hideous. Luckily, they have Yuki Kaijura as the music composer to make the whole anime bearable...

And these little moments are wonderful. Generally it's barely bearable, but there's a lot of these chibis turning up every often, which are hilarious.

This is nice. Just cute.

Just one question I want to ask. Who was it that Gilbert wanted to stop Oz from killing? Didn't Oz notice that??? He should!!

Mystery just cleared. It was as I suspect, Oz's father. That crazy, twisted old guy really hates his son...

The manga rocks.

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