Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Went to HELP college to support Hong Chun's C2AGE last Saturday. I never knew that HELP college is actually an underground labyrinth!! Cool!! Though, I wouldn't like it to be unable to see the sunlight with lots of building on top of my head! lol

Vincy and I met up with William and Weng Hoe at Will's house (which is just across the street...). Waited for Kian Min. My my... He's like my mum, 'I'll reach there in 5 minutes!' We waited for 10. He's still not there...

Never mind that.

Reaching there... William led us down the sewers tunnel subway.

Reality check.

This is Malaysia.

Not Japan.

So yeah, it wasn't really big or fancy, but it was pretty fun.

Reached there just in time to see Hong Chun giving a speech as the president (Amazing guy, president in first year). After that, a Japan Ambassador gave a speech in English, and with a lot of effort, he did it in Malay.

Amazing, in a way. Though it doesn't really matter if he couldn't speak Malay... I don't mind him speaking English at all...

And then, he sang two songs, one English and one Malay.

Impressive I must say.

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Hong Chun giving his speech!!

Found Cherng, Kazu, and the gang on the stairs.

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OMG. Aaron-san dancing!!! lol

Entertained by this bunch of dancers. Can't stop laughing to see that Aaron is dancing that cute dance!!! (The most famous Suzamiya Haruhi dance anyone? Or wait... Was it that...?)

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And Yuen Ying was there too!!

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The stage

With some of us still in our puberty, we were starving after that. (It was 12 already) And Kian Min turned up with Kin Min later. So the whole bunch of us wander along the corridor and got back to land where there is sunlight.

Seriously, deciding where to eat with more than 7 people was just freaking hard.

As we strolled down the street, fate toyed with Aaron's 'spear'. For your information, Aaron cosplayed as William T. Spears (mind you, not William Shakespeare!!) from Kuroshitsuji. Any decent cosplayer will definitely have their characters signature item with them.

The spear thing trip and fell. And one end came off unceremoniously. Haha, the culprit was horror-struck, naturally.

We ended up in Subway, with the sad broken spear following us reluctantly.

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At subway!!! Ken and William, and Kin Min looking shy behind.

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Ah Chung, who turned up halfway when we're looking for a decent place to eat.

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A photo with most of us in!!

After lunch and blasting Subway's roof off, we headed back to the event, just in time to see some action going...

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The hentai-oji from Dragonball and someone from somewhere I've seen before but couldn't recall...

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Shizuka Hio, a not-very-Kaname-looking Kaname, Zero and Aidou (well... Should be...)

That's pretty much for that time, then we got split up and got bored. So we escaped to the theatre. It was playing Toki o Kakeru Shoujo (The girl who leap through time). It was a great movie with Oku Hanako's Garnet as its ending theme. Though, it would be more pleasant if the air-con wasn't blowing directly at me...

Then, we leave the theatre and joined the 'Guess the song name and its artist and source' game.


Some were familar, like Slam Dunk's OP (Ah shoot, I didn't know the name), Gun X Sword OP (I just know that song course it's just not my type...) Could have got 'Platinum' from CCS right... I just couldn't remember the name and I didn't hear Kazu mentioning the name... I want that goody bag...

And after the last bag was given out, the cosplayer chess tournament started. Aaron and the emcee were the king of both sides!! OMG. Aaron was so cool, and funny that day!! LOL

Come to think of it... If there was someone cosplaying Lelouch... Wouldn't he be the best candidate for the king!!!! LOL

We got a nice surprise when we saw Shen Yen, still very, very blur appeared. She came and before I, or we know, I was jumping onto her. Apparently, she's one of those who thinks cosplayers are scary weirdos!!! LOL

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Cosplay chess!!

I think the whole cosplayers as chess pieces thing is very confusing. lol They should have label them!! Otherwise the king'll have to ask them, 'excuse me, what are you?' over and over again.

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One thing your ordinary chess piece can never do, seduce your enemy!! The girl was cunning smart! She knelt before Naruto to kick him away!! And Naruto simply scratched his head and played dead. LOL

We (Vincy and William + me of course) left HELP around 4pm... The event itself wasn't that fancy, but it's really nice to see so many old faces again~

Next event, DAICON!! Daicon in July anyone!!??

Heeh... I have so many to blog about... Things are really piling up... Will try to update and finish my Perth trip soon... And noooooo... Oral next week!!!!!!!! Oh dear! What to do?! What to do??!!

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