Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perth - Wind

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Taken at Meyers' car park!! I just love this photo!!!

The sky was so blue, as if it belongs to a fantasy world in those RPG games (Kingdom Hearts anyone?!?!)!! And I love the movement of the tree, so free!! The wind that day was really strong!! I felt from it every part of my body!! It made me feel like I'm walking in water!!!

Meyers was pretty much like our local shopping center, except that most of the items are like double the price of 'product Malaysia'...

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Look at the size of the mushrooms we saw at the mart!! Bigger than the tomatoes!!

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Chocolates!!! The very reason we went shopping!! Our luggage was full of foods when we got back!! The chocolates were cheaper though, and they melt at a lower temperature compare to Malaysia chocolate!!

Can you believe that we actually went through 3 supermarkets at Meyers to look for the cheapest price?!?! LOL At there, they have Woolworth, Big W, Meyers, and-one-that-sounds-like-Davy-Jones, while we have Carefour, Tesco and Giant.

We had our 'tea time' at Miss Maud (or whatever it sounds like it), which is famous for its pastries... Me as the usual 'lamo'... ordered a sandwich instead of the sinful-looking chocolate cake slice...
(Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake? Sandwich? Cake's fattening!! Sandwich...)
T.T Ah well, I get to eat them anytime I want in the future anyway..

Right after we finished shopping with our legs 'jellyfied', we headed back, but not before we visited the beach!!

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The beach!! The blazing sun!! The fine sand!! The sparkling water!! So clean! So beautiful!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee~~ Hard to imagine Malaysia's beach looking like this!!

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A sea gull!! I know the photo's not fine enough... I zoomed my cam or else Eli.ze.bird. will just fly away... T.T

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Here's my mum, holding onto her hat!!

The beach was pretty cool cold with the wind blowing non-stopping like a mini typhoon!!

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And my mum!!

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And my mum again!! How I love how the sun shines!! Feels so holy and peaceful!!

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On a small platform... You just can't see her!! I love the background!! LOL It reminds me of Bruce Almighty!!! XDDD The clouds looked so unreal!!! Like from those renaissance art!!

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Some kind of monument at the town near the beach.

Like I said before, the wind was really strong!!! My hair was totally messy, the wind was so rebellious that every time I tidied my hair, it covered my face in no time...

I just love the sky at Perth, bright, clear, clean, unpolluted, something you can't see in Malaysia!!

You won't see much of photos with me in it anyway, 1st, I don't like how my mum took my photos (she once took this photo where I look like a 'tiang' grows on my head!!), 2nd, I like taking them myself!!!

And next Perth post preview, Marshmallows!!! XD

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