Thursday, May 21, 2009

Perth - Marshmallows!

Hot Chocolate at McDonald's!! With Marshmallow Delight!! So sweet!

It was pretty cold on Thursday, my mum planned to visit the real estate agent to inquire more about my future 'house'. After getting lost for a bit... We paused our trip at McD to have a break.

I was slightly disappointed to find that Australia McD don't sell Pork Burger... But I found something else!! They have McCafe!!!!


They have cakes, breads, coffees, mochas, lattes and more!! Under the same roof!!

Look!! They have Frozen Cola!!!

Regrettably... I didn't have the guts to try that out. I'm not like Cleste, who's like immune to the cold weather. Drinking frozen cola on a cold day is definitely an invitation to spend a week in bed.

Snooping around the restaurant for a while... After all, I'm not called paparazzi for no reason!!

Not very much different from MY McD. But they have more beefy products... They even have a Triple Cheese Burger!!! Tried out their French Fries to see the difference...

Hmm... Was it just me or their fries really taste better...? One thing for sure, it's definitely not cheaper than our local fries...

Shortly after that, we checked the Commonwealth Bank as we passed by, and through a lady there, we got directions for the real estate agent office we were looking for. After my mum settle her question bank, we headed off to Perth Zoo!!

Checking for the ticket price, I could feel my jaw dropping faster than the speed of the gravitational force.

19$ per adult.

That was expensive...

Half-dragging my protesting mum away from the zoo, the student price caught my eyes. 16$ if I can present my student ID. Instantly we rummaged my wallet for it.

And YAY!! Due to my foresight which told me to bring it along, we got a discount!

Ok... I think I sound cheap... But every penny save can achieve a significant result!!

Quit my moneysaving madness, let's continue with the zoo. We reached a fork road, and we followed the path that led us to the Australian wild bush. No point seeing Asian animals right??

First animal we saw, the penguin!!

Local Australian penguins. Never knew... They're very small compare to other penguin, but not the smallest.

Next, the reptile Perentie!!

And my mum harrassing it, traumatizing the unlucky thing.
Oh, did I mention that thing above was fake?

Some random bird...

And a loose goose on the run!!! Met it on the way...

Finally... KANGAROO!!!
My, my. This is one lazy kangaroo... It wouldn't get up and jump for me!!

Next, the Wombat.
This thing wouldn't look at me!!!

Follow by the Tasmanian Devil!!!
Shoot, every animal I saw seems to be looking for a place to poop...

And the kangaroos again...
No. No indecent behaviour in the public please.

So this is how a kangaroo moves when it's not jumping.

And here, we came across one crossing the pathway!!! Everyone dashed over to stroke it. Its fur was soooooo soft!! (Oh dear, do you think I need to 'mosaic' the lady...?)

After that, we saw the Koalas!
Evil koala refused to look at the camera...

Lastly, the Lemurs.
I'm not sure whether the Lemurs are Australians, but I'm sure I didn't see any in MY zoo before... White and black just like the pandas!!

We went through the bird section too. But no bird dared to approach us, which is very natural... Some photos were taken but the quality was too dreadful to be posted...

Next post, Perth - Crepe!

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