Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Continuing The Days

I'm exhausted

Just had my oral test today. It was really funny to see everyone dressed formally, no not everyone. Ok, all wore formal attire, but that doesn't mean that they wore it properly... Like Marcus whose hair still looks like a rooster's crown, or Brad and Dom didn't wear a belt at all and so on...


So... The first one was Zakri (or-so-it-sounds-like-that). He failed didn't do well. Seems like he didn't prepare enough as he was constantly absent... Second one, oh bother, I forgot...

I'll just go with those interesting one... Eliz did her palmistry, which is quite interesting. Sue Ling's topic was 'How to decorate a fish bowl', nice fishies, great idea... Except that she spoke too little I think, most of the time was spent on decorating the fish bowl and she ended it in about 3 minutes...

Amy did Cosmetics. Very useful I guess... Annie did Quantum Science. We witnessed the amazing effects of the little pendant with Annie demonstrating its ability with me as her model. Though I've known about it already since my aunty experimented with me years ago.

The Nigerian guy, Khauyuldi (Similar problems) talked about their traditional wedding. His attire was the most outstanding as he wore their traditional clothes. Sadly, he was sooooo nervous, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and kept moving up, down, left, right in it, causing his shirt to move a lot, and even showing his boxers.

Brad and Dom pretty much failed to do much oral, it's more like reading from the slide and adding a pinch of the very limited knowledge they have. Lucas talked about his sisters, they're triplets!! From their looks, I think they're fraternal twins... And in my opinion, he looked the best, too bad he got pinned by Ms. Tina by not pulling up his tie, and Eliz did warned him about that before.

Yes common problems for men, tie being too short too loose, and no belt.

As for Marcus, that reckless daredevil talked about condoms. And in the morning he went to the market with Lucas to buy, a cucumber. Just so that he could demonstrate how to use the condom.

Imagining two business-man looking boys telling a mak cik that all they want is a cucumber, and a big one they got, makes me laugh.

I've seen the Ak3's people and known their topics. I really made me lol when we compared us AK2's topic with theirs.

We have:
Quantum Science,
Body Arts,
Fish Bowl,

And I realise that ours are so unusual, weird as in our range is so wide.

Whereas the other class' are:
Making Sandwich,
Shuffle Dance,
and I forgot.

As you can see... The second group are more common in our daily life...

So that's it. We'll know what Ms. Tina thinks about our presentation the next morning.

And that's one down...Clueless of how many are still left. I need to do a project about 'Ethnics of Malaysia' in 15 pages for Malaysian Studies, there's a quiz on Human Communications tomorrow, I need to catch up with my Accounts, plus another Accounts quiz-attack next Wednesday, make arrangement for our community service at PAWS for HC this Saturday and so on...

And now, some kiddies who visited my family last Saturday, which was still CNY. They were hyperactive, I used the one-in-a-thousand-ways-to-cool-them-down, make them my models.

Here we got the typical SEE NO EVIL.



But not least, SMELL NO EVIL. (O.o)(?!)

Not a bad poser either.

Three cute (definition of cute according to the Oxford Dic: Ugly but adorable) piggies.


Don't you think they looked great? XD

In the click of a mouse, Chinese New Year is over already.

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