Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Lalala~~~ The PV of Tsubasa Shunraiki is OUT~~~ But why???? Why is it so short? And why is 10 seconds wasted for the promotion??!! AARRGGHH!! *breaks down*

The intro was awesome. Th effects were breath-taking!

Ok... Syaoran doesn't look so bad... XDD

And YES! Syaoran in his Nihon outfits!!

I am just so happy with this. Amaterasu looks amazingly pretty and original!! This scene looks fairly good to me. Amaterasu is really beautiful!! The tone and colours are near perfect~

And now moving the focus to Tomoyo~~ I'm a bit sad at the fact that they kept her 'bunny-ears' round, it was pointed in the manga though...

Well, unfortunately not all the scene were so detailed. Seishirou looks fine in this, but totally out in another one which I don't even wanna post here.

Witness the horror of bad animation. It's starting to get a bit off already!! Nooooo...

Another happy news, FMA will be out on 5th of April!!! Replacing Gundam!! (Yes BYE-BYE Gundam!) Lalalalala~~~~ This time the plot with be following the manga!!! I'm so excited!!! So we're having two anime of FMA but different ending!!! But the manga still running, so I'm wondering how will this anime ends... It might wait for a second season...

This is just to kill someone...
The baby's soooooo adorable!!! Need to get the cute outfit for the future-baby my cousin's having....
I like the colour of this photo, it spells, Harmony & Peace.

Click to enlarge.

Our Quiz today was cancelled. Lucky us. And throughout the whole lesson, dear Marcus, as always unable to refrain his auto-crapping mouth, irritated Ms Malini, to the point that she asked him to shut up.

Some of his crap that made us burst into laughters:
Ms. Malini: You're shouldn't call them Niger or blacks, that's being racist and they don't like it.
Marcus: Ms. Malini, I'm yellow. And he's yellow too. *points at Lucas*
Lucas: No I'm black.
Marcus: Hey yellow. Then Ms. Malini, is there colour-cist?
Ms. Malini: No, there's no such thing as that.
Marcus: Then I could be the first one.
Ms. Malini: Marcus, stop it.

Ms. Malini: So, these are some of the words you have to use wisely or else you'll be label as sexist.
*reads the course pad*
*discuss about it*
Ms. Malini: A chairman should be refer as chair-person or simply the chair.
*class chatters*
*ACM opened his mouth*
Marcus: Eh, Ms Malini, so is it ok for me to call the chair woman?
Ms. Malini: No, that's sexist.
Marcus: Then how bout human of the chair?
*laughter explodes*

There's always one of these kind of students in every class. So Marcus is ours. People like him really need to stop his nonsense

I really should do my work and study harder.

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