Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time Flows Once More

*hears something breaks*

My brain breaks one more.


Clow country is actually the future of Acid Tokyo?!

Is that what you want us to think, CLAMP?

Anticipation, excitement, mysteries, they turned out to be brain-attack horror.

Suspense, surprises, and now the shocking truth.

So you enjoy destroying our brain?!

And why are we still willing to let you do whatever you want to do......

But if that's the case, it does makes sense...

The desert country is what's left of the polluted past.

The sacred water reservoir is being treasured and protected by the people was their ancestors' believe being passed down.

The country's language - Nihongo(keigo), was still being use, means that their ancestors speak Nihongo. (I'm a genius!! I've been wondering why are they're using Japanese NAMES!! I can understand their conversation in Japanese coz it's a manga, but names?? lol )

The wing-pillars, they represent Tokyo!!

The sand-storm that keeps preventing the achealogist team to explore deeper into the building. It has to be Arashi's power!

The feather must have saved those people and they have never been able to return the bloody feather to Sakura. So they kept it deep in the water reservoir as a token of appreciation and to protect it!!

And the clean water, someone must have purified them!! So that's why they have the tradition to have the priestess to have the ability of purifying water!!

Gah. Never thought of making these connections...

*finds glue to mend brain*

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