Friday, January 9, 2009

Garlic Tastes Awful In Fruit Juice

Human Communication sounds interesting. Our lecturer, Ms Malini Kumar was pretty good. Her accent reminds me of Fara, my Jazz instructor who just danced with us last night.

It was the best lecture I sat for. At least we don't have to change rooms, the air-con(s) wasn't on full power and her English is much more fluid than the other two I've met (no offence here).

And then, the orientation. The MSC (Metropolitan Student Council) are smart. They barricaded the entrance of the Lecture Theatre to prevent us from escaping. But some still manage to ran away when we went to put our bags.

They asked whether would we like them to group us our are we gonna do it ourselves. Apparently everyone's shy, we cuddled each other in a group.

Which is pointless.

Because they split us into different team. I was teamed with Tze Horng, Eloise, OSG (Orange Shirt Guy), and SIF (Sorry I Forgot). Pathetic...

Ok, not only I forgot those two's names, I totally failed my Math. Our game is similar to The Amazing Race Paparazzi, so we're supposed to solve 8 riddles to find our graves destinations.

Solve this: (highlight for answer)

(3^2) - (4√16) = 1

We failed to do so. So we missed our first station.

Later, the whistle beeped. We moved on to the next station. The toilet near the lockers. Two ladies were there. They lead us into the lady's and calling the doubting boys in as well. We were asked to stuff ourselves into one cubicle and close the door.

We did.

There I was, in the cosy stuffy chamber. Because it was suffocating and we were really close to each other, I looked up. And I saw, the plate. The kind of paper plate you use in a party. As I wondered out loud,

'Why is there a pla-'

It moved.

And it was raining flour.

Screams. Shrieks. And horrors.

We got out immediately. The two ladies told us,

'I'm sorry but you're at the wrong station.'

Apparently there is another similar place on 1st floor... We got there, covered in flour. Our task was to find the lock of the key we're given. Piece of cake.

The third station at the concourse was awful. We had to pick a piece of sweet from a bowl of flour (again), without using our hands, but our mouths only. A lot of huffing and puffing. Everyone looked white and fair. Especially Tze Horng, his whole face looked like a blooming lily. And I had a mouthful of flour. T.T

Sweep, sweep. Cleaning up the mess. This is how you waste your food.

The worst is yet to come.

Next, we headed towards the bookshop. We had to fill an empty water bottle. How? Do 10 helicopter spins, fill your holey aluminium can, put it on your head and run towards the bottle to fill it up. The faster the better.

After that, we went to the pavilion. This is where my nightmare started. We had to choose one card from the table. The number of our cards determine our ingredients of our drink. Our recipe was:

RAW EGG (How I wish we got the bitter gourd instead)
Something something (There were 5 of us, I forgot the rest)
And a glass of water.

We MUST finish it. The very reason I enjoy being a girl. The boys were gentleman enough to finish the rest while we just had to take a sip. I took a bigger sip feeling sorry for the guys...

It was quite diluted. Except for the bloody garlic. I choked, and the taste of garlic lingers in my throat until now. My worst experience of eating a solo garlic. Never know that garlic tastes so bad... Now I know why vampires fears garlic.

We were late for the water balloon station. Nothing much there.

The next station required us to fill a bottle of water from an artificial waterfall. One person will have to go to the1st floor, fill his pail and pour it down. The rest will have to catch the water with their bottles. We were allowed to accumulate the water collected. It was done fairly fast because we were smart. *coughs*

Khai Yuen is the one with the blue jacket.

Then, the watermelon event. Choose a table, not watermelon. Find a seat, after doing 10 squats, start gobbling your melon. It was ok, except for the sight that we looked barbaric. Tze Horng had his whole face in his slice of melon. In the end he had to help Eloise to finish hers cause her melon was exceptionally huge.

Melons. Devastated melons.

And we're done. We waited for others, got our bags of goodies.

We're given marks for keeping our eggs crackless. It was given to us at the very beginning.

Before ending, we had a water balloons fight. And that was pretty much everything.

I think my stomach's aching.

And now my sis is training the naked doll to do Suza-spin.

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