Monday, January 12, 2009

Second Week

Had two lessons today. English and Micro-econs. English was supposed to be enjoyable since I'm quite a language person. Unfortunately, our lecturer Ms. Tina just had to plan an oral presentation on the 5th week.

She gave us examples like you could explain how to cut hair, make a salad, or even bath your dog. Therefore, you can bring visual aids.

I don't know what to talk about...

And she wants our topics, what visual aids we'll be using and our attires by Thursday. This Thursday.

That's not helping at all.

After that class, I buried myself in the library, reading Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire.

Made a friend in class. Annie. 萧崔玲。 Or something like that. Her english was really cool!!

She has an accent. Even heavier than William the London boy. It was like proper English. The way we should speak~

There's another guy, Andrew who's not in the my class. I don't think he knows his time table at all... Our lecture ended at 1pm. And the AK3 students are supposed to go to another class. Instead of heading to where he should, he stop by the notice board.

Not until I check his timetable did he noticed that he was actually late...

Now only I discovered that how did our accents formed. Our 汉语拼音 diffused into our English, therefore our tones are based on our Chinese way of speaking...


Try it yourself.

And yeah, the OSG(orange shirt guy) I mentioned before. He's not a banana. And he's reading 杀手 now.

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