Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd Day

The result is out.

I'm in AK2. Tze Horng and Khai Yuen are in AK3.


Stupid lar!!!

The classes are really small. Around 10 people each classes, and there're only three.

Just hope that I'm not in the same class as the Afro guy.

Khai Yuen can speak Chinese! Wonderful! XDD

I'm off on Thursday. Haha. No English Lecture and Tutorials, this week my time table's pretty spacey...

Got myself a locker, need to clean it thoroughly. God knows what did the previous owner put inside it.

The lecture session doesn't provide much opportunity for students to interact. Thanks god there's this orientation on Friday after school.

My maid is simply amazing.

She stuffed a biscuit into my sister's mouth when she was napping...

I'm an evil sis.

No need to repeat.

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