Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And So The Cat Returned

Wei Fen mama sent me to college today. Found Lecture Theatre 2. I was sooooo glad I bought along my jacket, though I wished it could be thicker.

The moment I opened the door, a blast of chilly wind hit me. 6 air-cons were on the full power.

And there were only 30 people.

You can say that's 1 air-con to 5 people.

It was so cold that I felt drowsy. Half of the time I was struggling to keep myself awake and focus.

The most shocking thing was, our supposedly two hours lecture ended 40 minutes earlier. Before it ended, we were told to get our Accounts' text book.

Our lecture said, if we go to our college book shop, they might reproduce it. As in binary fission.

Which, is not allowed, we were warned on our first day.

But they don't have stock, so we went to the store in front of Taylor's to check. And was horrified to found out that that one bloody Account text book cost about 167.

Imagine how many copies of Harry Potter can one buy....

So 2nd hand books is our best option.

It was so early that none of us felt like going back, yet. So we walked to Carrefour. And just before we were to cross the bridge, we thought,

'Hey, why didn't we drive?'

So we walked back again.


In Carrefour, we were really curious.

What are we doing here actually?

And we rested at the furniture department. Which looked so weird. One boy and two girls on a furniture-searching adventure?

That's just how it was. We went to Secret Recipe later, cause Khai Yuen wanted to buy cakes for her tutor. Someone started her tuition already....

I feel, ashamed...

Anyone know how to play this cube thingy? *points downward* I'm struggling to fix it. Got it from Tze Horng. And it was the reason I forgot to tell Tze Horng that he was to make an illegal U-turn later.

Still can't get it right.....

It should look like this. Somehow. It's still in a mess...

Sad fishies. Being kept in such a small container... If they die, it must be because of boredom, not lack of oxygen.

So Carrefour sells big fish as well...

And the cat returned.

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