Monday, January 5, 2009

Adding new spices

My first thought when I arrive at Lecture Theater 1 was,

'Wow, am I just way too early or is this the number of people that I'll be studying with?'

You get the picture.

I'm not even sure that there were even 50 people back then.

And I've just overlooked someone, the one and only Seaparkian there other than me.

Which is Tze Hong.


For someone who could draw so well and so talented to go for business.

I've somehow made a friend whose name is Khai Yuen.

She's a Christian.

Dunnoe whether she can speak Chinese or not.

Having a Chinese name doesn't mean that you can use that language.
Look at Wen Leong.

I only noticed Tze Hong when he walked pass me during the school tour.

Moments of 'heh'-ness.

The placement test was tough.
Part 1 was fill in the blanks
Part 2 was find the errors in the sentence and correct it.
Part 3 was an essay, The cause of obesity among children, - duh, parents.

Taylor's was a sight.

There were people selling text books and calculators everywhere. They practically flooded the front gate and the pavement outside Taylor's.

I think I got my license already. My instructor phoned me this afternoon. But I won't be driving until I get my schedule first...

Hope I'll make more friends tomorrow...

You Are Flannel Pajamas

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