Monday, October 20, 2008

The Amazing Race

I expected surprise, but not the amazing race. I did figured out vaguely what I might get. Clues?

1. Cherng 与 Cleste 之间的不能说的秘密。
2. Their Conversation:
'什么都有了。' 'Shopping List 又增加了。'这是我们之间的秘密,不告诉你。' something like that... Seriously, that sounds really suspicious...
3. Cleste's sms when I was in Kinokuniya.
'Wat you looking for wor? You looking for artbook is it? Found any nice artbook? I no credit le la. You just tell me wat you bought lo.' Why are you so concern about what I'm gonna buy?

1. The mysterious conversation between Chrno and Cleste. 'We're talking about guitars.' Ok...
2. The weird conversation between William and Chrno. 'Transformers and Gundam.' I see...
3. The pink object I saw in a certain someone's bag.
4. The secret meeting which looked suspicious... Hem hem...

The amazing race.
Station 1: Find Chrno.
- Clue was written beautifully on a piece of paper I got as my first gift.
- Problem: Who the hell do I trust most? Locations were given, though diff people diff places.
*Cleste- R&R
*Kentai- Library
*William- Canteen
*Cherng- Dewan
- Got conned by a certain someone...
- In the end, William's the one who's telling the truth. Maybe it's because he couldn't lie so that's why he was given that role...

Station 2: Find Cleste.
- Got another present. Clue was written on the tissue box lid.
- She was there. No need to look for her.
- Had to go all the way back to our new classroom to get the mysterious pink object she hid in her green bag.
- According to the clue on her Birthday card, find Cherng.

Station 3: Find Cherng
- He was at the R&R.
- Asked me whether I know Who's Godzilla or not.
- No I don't.
- The Godzilla turned out to be John.

Station 4: Find John
- He was conveniently shouting at the window.
- Found him.
- According to Cleste, Cherng was no where to be seen ever since I entered 5Ix...
- Got a hug from Chin Shen.
- John took out a 30cmx40cm size item, wrapped with a lovely baby blue wrapping paper.
- At one touch, I knew newspapers were used to enlarge the size of the present and for the sake of revenge to make it harder for me to unwrap it.

-End of Race-

*Beginning of the journey of unwrapping the present*
The table started to piled up with newspapers. Sorry, couldn't scan the sweat stimulating print outs, printer refused to cooperate... Luckily, someone was too lazy to wrap it in the professional way... XDD I opened it in less than 10 minutes...

A few wrapping papers popped up occasionally to give me the false sense that the unwrapping session was gonna end. Cliche. Not exactly surprise at that, I was rather surprised that they spent quite a lot on the papers. Finally, I saw this:
The most amazing present I've ever receive.
Do ignore C.C.'s sexy pose and focus on Lelouch.

Later, I unwrapped Cleste's gift. It was a teddy t-shirt. Cool! Save me from shopping... XDD Fits me, nicely! The shirt was quite long. But I prefer longer shirt, though I have few of them...

本当にありがとう。I loved everything.

Quote of the Post
"I appreciate your laziness..."
by none other than me

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