Friday, October 31, 2008


Finally can online.
One week till SPM.
Still playing:
- Sims 2
- Rachet & Clank
Still reading:
- Novels
- Manga
Still watching:
- Movies
- Anime
Still not revising.
Still wasting time.
Still blogging.
Still onlining.
Still toying Fluffy.
Still don't know how to scan with that bloody printer.

I'm worse than dead.

Fluffy's extremely adorable!! I love looking at him when he's sniffing, eating, sleeping, yawning, playing, gnawing and cleaning... Unfortunately for that fluffy little thing, he got beat up by another bigger, fatter, prettier and more aggressive hamster, according to my sis. And now all his paws, ears and tail were badly injured... That thing couldn't hold his food and eat like it used to... T.T It doesn't climb too... I swear if I ever come across that devil, I'll torture him with the merry-go-round-of-horror...

Vampire's Journal was good. Better than all time famous 古龙. 拼命去死真的很荒谬!! I was totally astouned... I find 奥華子's song quite addictive... Especially her piano ballad, very calming and peaceful. Her voice is unique. You can sense a bit of angst-ness in most of her song, that's the reason I'm listening. Downloading her albums. As for Ashin, '夜訪吸血鬼'我最喜欢的一句: '無法揮舞天使的純潔'.

Tsubasa is back on track!! I'm happy.

噢買尬~ 噢買尬~ 真的太久不見啦!! Wheee~~ Clone Syaoran!! Hisashiburi desu ne!! Loved his outfit and the bloodily angst atmosphere. Angst Syaoran is the best~ I want him out right now! CLAMP is AWESOME!!

Like Cherng said, it's gay. Do you think it can go any gayer than this?

You bet it can!! The departed ones on the right and the living ones on the left... Lelouch proudly presents you his male harem. I dare you to find another gayer official pic...

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