Sunday, October 19, 2008

A touch of reality

I went to Study In Australia Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre yesterday. Got a lot of freebies... My mum hoped that I could go with my cousin, who's two months younger than me... lol After browsing around for a while, I started to look for what I really wanted... But my mum just dragged me away.

There was this very understanding Australian guy I met. He said you should study what you're interested. Yeah, I agree. But reality check. My parents doesn't approve. And so, bye-bye... But I can always self-study I guess... T.T

I'm interested in Curtin. Why? My mum found out that they have a twinning program in Osaka! Does that ring a bell? it sure did~ How I wish to go to Japan again~~ Later, we walked to KLCC. And I visited Kinokuniya... When I discovered the Japanese section, it seemed like I was in paradise...

One third of the section was occupied by Manga. There's a small section for Artbooks too!! There, I found Newtype October. But didn't buy, too expensive. I supposed I could save my money for MUTUALITY... The file was quite small. So I thought I should buy the artbook instead of the mag which only consist of, let's say, less than 10 pages on Code Geass?

The book tax are party popper... I found Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Album de Reproduction as well. It cost about 100++!! That was like rm40 difference compare to the price I bought from Japan... Found some Code Geass comics and Albums as well as Code Geass Knight Anthology... The price are freaking... I left empty handed... Speaking of stingy... lol

Finished reading Kuroshitsuji online... Love the series!! Freakishly funny!! Especially the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian~~ Ciel always wants to see Sebastian fail to do his bidding... While Sebastian enjoys seeing Ciel looking pissed for not being able to see him fail...

I watched Incredible Hulk yesterday night. I wanted to study... But knowing my father, saying no will guarantee myself a trip to hell. The worse part was after the movie. He decided to rearrange his collections. Who's gonna help him? None other than us... We had to carry his amplifier, hi-fi, DVD player and god-knows-what-else here and there. Then we had to clean up the whole place and help him to build his lovely shelf.

I hate to work with him. He said, 'I can't stand working with you guys, you never seem to do anything right.' Wonder who can't stand who? The usual scolding, some for no reason, some out of frustration coz we're so not up to his ridiculous standard. He smacked my head twice. Bloody hell. I slept at 3am. Curse him. Now I got a really bad headache. My head always hurts whenever I don't have enough sleep... Can't study... We worked for 3 hours straight... And all those moving only involved like half of his collections only... Gah... I'm tired...

I woke up at 9 something this morning. Wanted to stay at home to study to make up those time I lost yesterday night. But he said, 'Why aren't you following your mother? You're suppose to protect her!' Bah.. Wasted my morning like that. And then, I slept through the whole afternoon... Now headache. I'm doomed...

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