Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hp G42!

Hi there. (>.<) Currently blogging on my new laptop, Hp G42~

Initially, my choices were Acer TimelineX 4820T (8 hours of battery, impossible but very attractive), Hp Pavilion dm4 1122 (gorgeous design) and BenQ Joybook S42 (8 hours battery life). Unfortunately and fortunately, the former two were not worth for value.

Acer, nah, Acer was never famous for its quality. Plus I hate Acer's new keypad design that collects dust and dirt which is just the same as its old one. While Hp Pavilion, a lovely series indeed but too expensive. I think, most of the cost goes to the design. As for BenQ Joybook, first of all, BenQ isn't that well-known, secondly that particular model was no where to be seen so too bad.

Then I was introduced to Asus laptop. While the face recognition and finger prints scan were pretty cool, I, I mean, my dad frown upon its price just like when I told him about my Pavilion desire. 'Lookie here,' he said, '2800+ for a laptop is too much.' (Not to mention that I'll be getting a new one a few years later.) Even when I told him mummy will pay 2000 for it and I'll pay whatever's left of the amount, he stood firm and announced that my laptop can be no higher than 2000 initially, but he soon raised it to 2200 since he couldn't find models as close as mine for that price.

And so we went to Low Yat on Sunday and shopped for the whole morning. Not sure how many girls out there enjoy IT shopping but I certainly did. While our main focus was to get a laptop with a good warranty, too bad every brand hates Perth and all their service centres are located around Adelaide... So never mind bout the warranty, let's try and get the best price for the best specs.

After walking around LowYat bargaining and checking out laptops, I, I mean my mum and I settled down with this Hp G42 for RM2300 deal, inclusive of a free 4Gb ram upgrade and free-of-service-charge-credit-payment.

The keypad!!! Will this serve me better than its Acer predecessor did? Looks like it will! Hence, no keypad protector, it'll look hideous on my laptop anyway... Other than that, I really love how quiet it is when I type!
The only problem is, I'll need to get used to this new layout, particularly its Fn buttons, it's the total opposite of my Acer laptop. To use F1~F0, I have to press the Fn button as well. Ah well, guess refreshing my webpage would be more troublesome. But the vol and brightness buttons are fantastic, so...no pain no gain?

Pretty Touch pad is pretty.
But the right+left click button is very hard to click. D: Good thing i like tapping better.
I especially like the 'Double tap on the top left corner to disable touch pad' function. Pretty cool eh?

And since I have this new baby, Logitech Mouse M215, I won't be using the touch pad that often.

I wanted a M305 at first, but the designs available in Malaysia were pretty disappointing. Where's my Dark Floral model??? Then I thought of getting the bluetooth one which looks more eye pleasing with its metallic blue design. But meh, bluetooth always give me a lot of problem. In the end, I found this model.

Not bad for a 50 buck mousey, while it looks like the M305 would be more comfy to use, I think M215 is pretty good considering that its colour doesn't hurt my eyes.

Got BlackHayate a Kingston 8Gb pendrive for forfeiting my free kits.

And yeah, one problem I have with this laptop is its tight usb ports which had me to go through a tough time trying to snuff my mouse receiver and other pendrives in. Maybe it takes time to loosen up. I don't know, but we'll see bout that.

In the end, I'm pleased to have a new laptop, even if what I get isn't what I wanted/expected. My hopes of getting one with the weight of 2kg + 4 hours battery life is pretty much lost seeing that this baby here weights 2.3kg and lasts for 2 hours on idle mode. Still it's a major upgrade from my Acer if you compare its Intel processor, Windows, graphic ca...oh-wait-Acer-doesn't-have-one...

Ah well, wait till I start earning my own money and I'll see what happens then.

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Rachael said...

Oooo my laptop looks a lot like yours but it's Compaq. Close to Acer though. :D

You can get a keyboard protector so that the dust doesn't get caught in between the spaces.