Saturday, February 12, 2011

A tribute to Fluffy

Here I am.

In Perth, currently living with my mum and Papa, I mean, Jhe Yee. It's been 26 hours since I reached here. There are tons of things that needs to be done, but first thing first, let me bid farewell to our beloved hamster Fluffy.

I was so shocked when I wanted to him bid farewell before I leave Malaysia and found him motionless, and pretty much dead.

It went like:

'Fluffy~ Tsktsktsktsk (He used to respond to that sound)'

*Not moving*

'Eh, little thing, move~'

*Blows at him to make him move*



*Blows again*


'IT CAN'T BE...'

*Calls bro and sis*

'You two go check him out'

*Runs and hides behind the wall while bro pokes him with his spoon*

'He ain't moving.'


*Removes the rooftop*

It's confirmed that Fluffy has passed away some time ago... T______________T

And, I'm seeing this an hour before I leave for Perth.


I dare to say, Fluffy is the cutest hamster in the world, and by cute I meant ugly but adorable.
He had no fingers (they were ripped off by another hamster during a fight), he's slow, he's fluffy, and he didn't bite even if he was under torture (No we didn't torture him, that was just a figure of speech).

Fluffy says hi.

We probably love him most when he snuff food stuff into his little bag in his cheek.
Other than that, we also enjoyed watching him crawling to an edge and just drop, not fall, of the table/chair/sofa, hamsters can't judge heights...

And if you haven't seen Fluffy puffing his cheeks with food, do check out this bloody cute video of him doing so.

Aaaaah, those happy moments with Fluffy...

RIP Fluffy, you will be missed dearly.

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