Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Updates

Had a fantastic time in Penang.

Went to watched Tron 3D at Megamall with my cousin and sister. The 3D glasses kept sliding off my nose, in the end I had to fold my ticket and used it to support the glasses.

The visual was absolutely stunning, especially the 'Game' part, and now I wish I have a bike like that in real life. Too bad the story was just meh~ It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. In fact, with production quality of Tron: Legacy I wouldn't mind if they throw in Sora and Riku (which reminds me that I need to finish the games before I leave...)

Watched The Tourist on the next day, the story was certainly more interesting that Tron. Best scene of the movie: Johnny Depp in Pyjamas.

As we finished the Tourist, we went back to our HQ, 600cc to find that Eden, my cousin's daughter had just vomited on her dress. So here comes 姨姨 to the rescue, with my new bought top.

What's ya know? She looks gorgeous cute (ugly but adorable) awkwardly adorable in it!!

And she knows how to pose in front of a camera too!!!

If only I had a belt with me...

She was so cute, in a funny way, that my face and stomach ached from laughing.
Urgh, I need to stop looking at these photos or I might start rolling and laughing again.

Well, that was pretty much what happened in Penang. Shopping, Movie, Eat, Sleep, Babies.
Simple but enjoyable.

Though, it was epic phail for us for failing to have steamboat as we intended, promised, planned and replanned to. Next time perhaps?

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