Friday, December 17, 2010

Train Wreck

Result was out on Wednesday 12.30am, I went to sleep before that after waiting for hours before my laptop for it to be released. When I woke up, Amanda's message made my heart flipped.

CIB 71
FIN 72
MKT 73
MGT 81

3 Ds and 1 HD. Was expecting more HDs... But for getting a HD in MGT was pretty surprising. Yet again, what I expect worse usually exceed my expectation to be better than I could have hoped for. It looks like I did pretty well for MGT's paper. For an internal mark of 35/50, I scored 46/50 for the paper??? I can't believe the crap the I gave could have worth so much. Wow.

Then again, I guess I should reflect on my other 'Ds' subject. CIB is pretty hopeless, Bleh. My internal mark is 46.5/60 (greatly thanks to my presentation 12.5/15, which pulled up the average!!), so that means I scored a measly 24.5/40 for the paper. Wow too.

Next goes to Finance Quantitative, which is actually just Stat and Calculus, which I pretty much slept through most, if not all, of the lesson. Hmmmm... I guess the sleeping doesn't bother too much, since I can handle the thing by myself alright. Squeezing a few weeks worth of lessons into a few days with the help of my beloved Voon-ma and hubby-Kirly makes everything possible. Too bad, I slightly underestimated the time required for practices and so on. Oh wait, that wasn't the problem, I can actualy score a lot higher for this damn paper if it weren't for my careless mistake. Oh Sheep. There's probably 5/100 gone in the MCQ and maybe even up to 30/100 gone in the last stupid question (OH WHY DIDN'T I SEE THAT EBIL NEGATIVE SIGN.). So that's like, 20/30 for that bloody paper. ouch.

Lastly, we have MKT, which I scored 21/35. T___T No idea where went wrong. But I wrote 5 essay-like answer like a mad woman in the 2 hours. Bleh.

Up next, I really need to get my Visa done asap, and get a new laptop... Hp Envy looks awesome, just as awesome as its price. So I'll just go for either Hp Pavilion Dm4 or Acer Timeline 4820... But wait, I haven't even got the green light for the idea yet...

And yeah, Comic Fiesta 2010's tomorrow, and Sunday, I'd probably be going on Sunday with my cousin, but then again, it has yet to be green-lit by my dad... Though, somehow I feel CF doesn't matter that much anymore, I don't know why. But when I try to convince myself saying that, 'it's the same, I get there, check out the Doujin booths, splurge my money over their merchandise and get back leaving my trophies dusty, what's the point?' and 'I don't cosplay or sell things, why the hell should I be there?' it just doesn't sound that convincing when the images of my fav series appearing overtook my mind.

I don't know. I feel like going, though the thought of I'm gonna get a big time if I screw up my up coming assignment old man gave me makes me retreat slightly. But it's not like I've had worse before... Right?

Bleh. We'll see how it goes on Sunday, which means I need to break my plan to him tomorrow...

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