Sunday, October 10, 2010


Ok, here comes another once in a while post of mine.
As much as I want to update frequently, the lazy bones and those inspiration-drained brain cells of mine are doing a fairly good job for making me to stay away from updating...

Anyway, there's some little surprises that just has to be blog-ed.

Moving on.

On Wednesday night, our team Maestro defeated the Hyenas from Taylors by 4 - 2 (I think it's 4 - 3. But the official site says 4 - 2. An error?? What happened to the last game??).


Of course we are strong as a team, even though we've lost to them like, err... twice? (counting the matches we had with them with Jun Hsien playing in this year and last year) Though, I think luck might had a bit to do with our victory. lol

Guess what, the magical pink shirt of mine actually works.

Superstitious you say?

I guess so.

But it was very interesting indeed that whenever I bring the pink shirt with me for a match, luck is always on our side. I'm not joking. But then again, luck can only bring one so far, so it's better not to push it too hard.

When we first fought the Hyenas, we lost and I got hit at my thigh which hurt for days. But on the next match, I so happened to wore a pink shirt for practice and brought it along. Damn. We beat the squirrels flat at 7 - 0. Look at that. Not even the Hyenas could do that. And of course, we were so darn lucky as there were quite a few lucky catches on our side. xD

For the third match, the pink shirt was there as well. We won the Vipers at er...forgotten. Finally in our re-match with the Hyenas, we beat them for the first time, with the presence of my lucky pink shirt~

ok, enough pink shirt already. Let's talk about another little surprise.

So, feeling so gleeful for the victory and relieve for finally finishing my management project, I headed to Sunway for a nice karaoke session. Oh gawd, how long has it been since I last hold a mic!!! xD

Too bad for me, Sunway's Redbox system sucks big time and my throat was kinda hoarse from cheering too much the night before. I was delighted to find that Redbox has FMAB's two ED - Ray of Light and Let It Out~ =D

Then, it just sort of happened.

Suddenly Goodbye Days went poof and the screen showed Happy Birthday.


I was like, Er, what happened to my song?, 'Whose birthday is it?' and did the system go hay wired and screwed up my screen time?

And of course I knew my birthday was around the corner, but the thought of these crazy girls pulling off a surprise on me never seem to cross my mind for a bit.

Then, those who got out of the room returned, with a cake, with candles on it and smirking.


I think I get it.

OMG I can't believe it this people did it.

I was so baffled by them.

Ahahahahahaha yes papa laugh all you like.

Then I blew the candles.

And I had to pick them out with my mouth.

But those annoying pieces of fruit s were in my way, so I had to, sort of, pick and eat them up before I could reach the candles while the sadists hold my arms and tried to smush my face into the cake which I resisted aggressively (well, that explains my sore neck the next day).

But no candle picking is complete without a cake mask.


The cake looked like...*points upwards* something like that, when I got up.

There was cream in my nose. Eeeeewww.

Dunnoe how the middle-most-squashed part of cake taste like, I gave it to the highest authority since it was supposedly the best piece available.


Everyone had a piece of spiced cake.

Ummmm. That's my early birthday surprise.

Of course it doesn't end there. Even Lizzie is already broiling some evil plot against me. Guess what Liz, if you're still wrapping whatever you're wrapping, you can stop it now. Thank you very much, I appreciate your hard work but it's really unnecessary!!!

Heh. Nvm, whatever it is, it'll come eventually, just like my ballet exam.

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