Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blissfully Blank

It's over.


Weeks and weeks of training is totally history.

I was so nervous that I didn't sleep really well for the past two days. My ankles weren't getting any better either, had to ice them everyday... =___=

Woke up earlier than my alarm this morning, about 8 something. Since there was still time, I watched Tegami Bachi 2. Lag, Niche and Steak certainly made me relax better.

Then I went to rehearse for a while before changing into my attire and tying up my very short hair into a bun. Used up quite a lot of hair spray. lol With some pins and extra hair nets, I made my bun a lot bigger than it's supposed to be. By the time I finished spraying, my hair was like, so hard and shiny... lol

Then Ms. Ng came to fetch me. (she's da best~ xD) At the receptionist, I got my number, 12, the last one in my batch. Changed into my shoes and started warming up in a room with some other dancers. Then it was 12:05 and time for my exam!!!!!

Ms. Stirling looks pretty old, she had short white curly and smiled very frequently. Barre work was ok, I guess. Didn't do any mistake and it was good that Ms Stirling skipped a lot of the exercises! But then my left leg just had to cramped a bit. Urgh, bad timing. Center work was fine also, except that I kinda screwed up for forgetting how to do Demi-contretemps... I was so lucky that another girl in the same line with me showed me how... T^T Managed to double-pirouette as well, though I cheated a bit... =.=

The jumps were quite good I think. She even skipped the toughest exercise for Allegro... I dare say I'm pretty pleased with myself for not dancing pass the pillar which would have make Ms Stirling to lean back to watch me like what she did to the others...

Then point work... It was... Gah me no face to say aaaaaaaaaahhh... T.T My left ankle gave away a few times and I sort of screwed up here and there... In the end, my right leg even went on strike giving me muscle cramp during Courus.... But I crunched my jaws and smiled and danced through the whole exercise!!!!!! Thanks to my stupid crampling leg, I ended up pretty far behind my partner... =___=

But it's ok, it's over, right after that it was goodbye and out I got out of the room!!!!

Now that it's ended, I feel so relieved.

Weird enough, when I try to recall how it went, I can't really remember how I felt throughout the whole thing. It was like, my mind was so blissfully blank during the exam (except when my right leg starts crampling like crazy)...

Anyway, it's over now. And that's another one thing less to worry about... I can throw my point shoes away and return the new pair to Ms. Ng. I don't think I can dance in them for some time. My ankles need time to heal!

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