Sunday, October 31, 2010

19th Birthday ♥

Once upon a time, there's this little turtoise named Little T who spends all day long on a car dashboard enjoy the sun whenever he can. Sadly, the weather isn't sunny everyday and Little T feels lonely having to wait in the dark for the sun to rise. So a group of evil masterminds had a fabulous idea inspired by Little T. And secretly they went on with their evil plot without alarming Little T and his mistress.

I'm officially 19.
This is my last 10+ birthday... D=

Spent my birthday renewing my passport in Subang and shopping with my mum at KLCC. Brought a light novel, Shounen Onmiyouji for me and my sis to polish our Japanese before we go for the exam~ It's not the most interesting novel out there, heck, if I could, I'd rather buy BakaTest or Kurenai but they all hate me and I can't read without furigana. D= So yeah, I'll have you instead.

Back at home, it was the two monkeys that were craving for cakes instead of me. But since old man wasn't around (and he called to make sure we didn't have cake without him) we didn't cut any cake at all. I don't really mind, since I had my cake a week earlier and cake is very fattening. xD

Then came Friday, the promised day which Lizzie has planned many evil things for me. And once again, we're having the party at Korean Street Cafe (because it just has the right atmosphere for an intimate celebration) which Jhe Yee and the rest pretended not to know the venue beforehand. But come on, there's no way you didn't know. I know you know so you can stop pretending.

Anyway, there were so many people over there when Mama brought me over. Practically everyone was there.

Starting from the senior citizens, we have Jiri, 37, Bling, Peanut, Papa, Mama, Eloise, Karyn, CerRomeo, Annie, PeiLyn, Serene, Mr. Pay, Lizzie, Amy, Su Yang, Chelsia and Jane. Wow. So crowded. xD

Finally I get to see CerRomeo meeting her long-lost twin Pei Lyn. It was sooooo epic when they stare at each other with 'OMG-YOU-LOOK-LIKE-ME!' written all over their faces. Well, we told you so!!! And if you didn't notice, both your names end with a LYN!!!! xD

Anyway, evil people were evil and wouldn't let me get anywhere near the forbidden corner. So fine I stay within my boundary but Amy still had to flung herself onto me to keep the secret a secret. After lunch, it's another round of cake, in this case, muffin smashing and finally some gift unwrapping~ xD

My first present!!!
Ahahahahahaha you people need to learn how to wrap better with newspaper next time!!! What was expected to be 15 minutes for me to unwrap the thing took, like what, 5 minutes to finish the task!!!

Oooooooooh shiny~
And there's the light indicating how much space is left~ xD
I think... I shall name it Black T for now.

It's so glossy~
Shiny object makes my eyes go 'bling'!!
(Mmm~ My lappy is like almost empty now.And if I pretend that my internet speed is 1 G/s, I can dl everything without checking its size. xD)

And now, moving on to my second pressie~

Guess how big is this box. Little T demands you.

Oh you bet I a...huh wait.

It looks, huge.
How many layers of newspaper are there???? D;
Ok, I know I'm was ebil for being so naughty and wrapped your present with a few copies of Stars... But... this....ahahahaha...nice effort anyway...

Okie I get it. No wonder that box was so big!!! Because it's hiding a Turtoise Huh. Pink whut?

It's wearing a pink bra?
Peanut how dare you steal my idea of giving bras as present!!!!

Little T is very happy indeed.

And he rules Turtoise.

Sun tanning~

Group pic~

Guess you had your revenge now Lizzie!!!

Nice bra hat peaunut!!! And Su Yang is so obsessed with my Black T.

And that's the end of my Friday celebration. Coming up next, a day with Melody~


With a sudden order from the old man, I went to Atria to have a hair cut with my sis and met up with Melody over there.

Me (with my new hair cut) and Mel.

It was awesome to see Mel again~ xD Last time we met was at the bus stop at Centre Point~ Talk about fate, what are the chances we bump into each other at such a random place???

Had lunch together at Nyonya House for free thanks to my mum (My mobile bank~ xD). Right after we sent my sis to Ballet and I went DVD shopping with Mel and joined her dad and brother at Papa Rich for tea (though I was still very full).

Wahahahahahaha!!! It's a Tsubasa artbook that completes my Tsubasa de Reproduction collection~ xD

Running out of words here. So I'll stop now.
Thanksssss for everything people!!!
*hugs and kisses*
Really lurve you wonderful bunch and your presents!!

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