Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missing you

Bleh. Finals. 2 papers down.

But that's not the main point.

Old man just sent Potato to PAWS. T____T

It wasn't very surprising, I was counting the days and praying hard for her not to dig any more graves, chew flower pots, eat cactus and bark too much.

The prob definitely isn't just her alone. Old man himself is one bloody big mess as well. He doesn't seem to understand that dogs are not machines, not to mention that he's pure prejudice to her. (Always XiaoHuang this XiaoHuang that, meh he's an old dog already lar!)

They bark, just like my idiotic sister is a indestructible chatterbox.

They get bored, just like why my brother wants to play our PS2.

They love to run around, just like how old man loves to play his tennis.

They fear of scary things like your ugly face, just like when you're nervous or frighten, everything you do goes wrong.

They are dogs goddamnit get your fact right.
However clever they are, they are not humans. Just like thumbs-up is rude is certain cultures, hell no they don't understand you.

You don't decide to get a dog because you think it's nice to have one.

Responsibility, that's the key word here.

The bloody term you keep telling, reminding me, drilling it deep within our actions.

But that's exactly what you lack of.

If you can't abandon your kid even if they're not what you hope to be, how is it ok to give up on a dog?

Old man never learns, or perhaps he watches too much humanified animals from movies.

Lonely Potato... D;
Did you foresee your future? Was that why you're always looking so sad?

They're not a toy, they are not dispensable or disposable.

So you think you're god-like being the one to decide that you want to keep one from the wild. But the moment you pick her up, it's the moment when you are responsible for her.

You don't just dump her when you think she ain't cute anymore.
Just like you don't tell your son to get lost because he couldn't be the next PM.

That's what we called irresponsible.

Those useless, good-for-nothing, why-don't-you-just-die kind of owners I despise of.

I'm not really sure why, but I don't think digging holes or destroying pots or attacking us with cactus is that big deal. Maybe it's just me being blindly in love with the crazy bitch.

Still, I don't think that justifies their decision to get rid of her.

May you find a better owner next time.
I'm sorry that I failed you. *sobs*

I miss your stupid ass that can never sit still.
I miss your flabby neck where your fur is the softest. );
I miss you when I see the table where you used to wag you tail when you see me.
I miss your crazy behaviour where you'd jump around me like nuts snapping at my hand...on a second thought, I take that back. =.=

Screw Calculus, I'll pull it through somehow anyway.
I'm going back to PAWS.
I don't know when, but hopefully this Friday?
I'm not sure what to hope for, to see her still there, or to learn that she has been adopted. No doubt, the latter would be a better choice for her, let's just hope she's lucky enough.

Those photos were taken months ago, take my word, she looks nothing like that now.


Rachael said...

You know, I have a friend who's looking for a pet, and she's not concerned if it's a puppy or not.

:( Didn't know about this.

ChibiRozen said...

Um... Nvm, but there's lots of puppies/kittens/dogs/cats/rabbits at PAWS!!! Ask her to go and check it out perhaps?? Give those lovely things a home~ There was a very cool, erm unique sausage dog over there (if it's still there)... :)