Thursday, August 26, 2010


So yes I've noticed that my last post was like 3 weeks ago and I haven't been updating frequently lately. Wall of text full of random thoughts beware.

Not really sure what's wrong with me, but it's just that I'm always losing the steam when I had something I wanted to blog about.

Anyway, my life's quite a mess right now.

I'm still working for my dad despite that my second sem has started, like for a month. So yes I have a darn good excuse for not being able to work right now and I love Uni even if I have a huge pile of assignments waiting to be written. But of course sometimes I don't get enough sleep due to that.

Furthermore, I've been driving 123, my dad's Honda Accord Manual car for about a month. WHY? Because he was complaining that I can't/forgotten how to use a manual car. And NO I still don't like driving manual car even though I've mastered the most basic skill. Of course driving it during jam hours is hell-ish. Urgh. Thank god I'm charismatic to convinced him that I can't drive it during the jam so I get to switch cars, sometimes.

What else is occupying me? My ballet practices. Oh yes my Intermediate exam's coming up in September and I don't like it, not one bit. Especially hearing that examiners are biased and they won't/don't/can't look at you if you're not slim/pretty/tall. Ouch. Reality bites I know. D=

So to make up for my look, I have to work harder. And by harder I mean really hard. I'm going to practice for 4 times per week from Thurs to Sun. There goes my shopping time. D= But it's ok, because it'll be over after the bloody exam!!!!!!!!! Then I can go on a shopping spree I have been deprived from!!!!


Ok, so here I am again. Got called away to work until 3am this morning and didn't get to finish what I'm typing.

Anyway, let's talk about our debate.

So, debate was fun, debate was cool, debate was crazy, and debate was stressful.

Preparations were done quite thoroughly, I think. We had like, the most meetings among the whole class I guess. Yeah, very semangat!! xD

And bleh, I knew I should have prepared myself earlier, lol. Lack of training caused my hands to trembled even though I know there shouldn't be anything to be nervous about!! Damn. I don't feel nervous, but my heart just pumped so fast that it made me nervous.

Will this be our, or my last debate? I'm not sure, but most likely. But it was interesting. Well, for my debate, I'd say it was kinda breath-taking, since we have Lizzie we were like 'woah it's show time!' when she started her rebuttal. Hmmm. But the funniest one was Chel's team where Chel and Jiri went rebutting at the speed of a bullet train. Jiri's one was particularly harsh, slapping the opponents with questions like, 'Your point contradicts your first speaker's point, aren't you slapping his point?' and 'What are you doing actually?'

Well then, that's it for now. Time to clear up that pile of assignments!!!

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