Friday, August 27, 2010


Dad was away last night. Whenever he's away I tend to sleep in very very late. I know I shouldn't, but I just can't get enough of the internet. And so, while I was reading Namewee's blog about TNB around 2 am, a blackout occurred.

Perfect timing. Bleh. But lol William wasn't alseep as well, and smsed him a few times. Then, while I was going to reply a message I just received from him, there came our light. Oh yeah, moar surfing until 3am.

Woke up at 10am and took a long time to change into my ballet attire. Since I'd be leaving at 12:15, I figured that it'll be too much of a trouble to have to change twice. After having a Carman's muesli bar (yes, that Carman's from our marketing 100!), my aunt fetched me and Ms. Ng to FAB (no it's not an abbreviation of Fabulous but Federal Academy of Ballet).

Things, were pretty much the same over there. Some posters and articles that were there long before I joined FAB were still there and some have even turned yellow. When it was one, I entered the studio with another bunch of students from other schools.

Was kinda surprised to see that the studio was refurbished. The training itself was extremely exhausting. We started from 1pm to 2:30pm none stop practising everything from barre work to pointe work with only a few rest we get to squeezed out as we take turn to dance for those big movement dance pieces.

Some students, were pretty good, in their turnout, flexibility and expressions while some others were so-so only. Though, I was quite confused with their music timing. For some pieces, I can't help but felt that they were a bit off, or perhaps it was just me being off, but for sure, some were really off.

Anyway, I was almost dead when it finally ended. Hmmm.

Went back home to shower and went to Noodle One for my lunch. Carman's was doing quite good. At least it didn't make me feel hungry for that few hours of dancing... Then I had a lovely nap when I reached home.

At 7pm, I had another dance class.... Bleh... By the time I reached home... I feel like a flop already...

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