Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's passed mid-may already, and in a month's time, I'd probably be spending my afternoon with some crazy girls shopping around Sunway after our last exam BIS, the same one I took this morning, and coincidentally both test are held on the 18th as well as the last test and exam for this sem, interesting.

The BIS test today wasn't that tough as I imagine. I was pretty stressed up for not memorising the stupid kinds of systems in the reading materials we are given. Instead, I spent my whole morning and the first part of afternoon reading 5 volumes of Switch, 9 chapters of Kingdom Hearts and 22 pages of Monochrome Factor, watching 1 episode of Kaichou wa Maid sama, and made a summary post for Monochrome Factor.

Good thing was, most of what I read came out and what I didn't come across wasn't out. Seriously, how much luck can a person possess? I actually went and ctrl+c ctrl+v some answers from the review assessment/google (which we were not allowed to do so and were informed by the lecturers after they discovered the rule) and rephrase them. Full marks are not easy to score but I doubt I'll do too badly so cheers.

So far, most of our test results are out except for our latest law test.
Econs quiz: 3.3/5
Econs mid-sem: 18/20
Acc mid-sem: 20.8/25
Law quiz: 10/15
Law mid-sem: 18/20

Not too happy with the quiz result but meh, they were the first 2 quizzes I had so *inserts excuses*.

Right now I'm just hoping to find out our assignments result. Other than my BIS assignment which I got 11.8/15, the rest are still in the dark given that how tough it can be for our busy lecturers to evaluate them...

I'm so restless and I get bored so easily these days. =____=
I'm practically sleeping through every lecture (applying the law of sleep more=better grades) and I've completely given up on accounts class, which I spent my 2 hours sexually harassing entertaining Peanut. I feel like doing loads of things and yet... The energy of yes-let's-do-it just seem slip away like a leaking balloon.

It's time to get myself more organized,
and so I thought.

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