Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need to...

Woke up late today.

Got up at 7.35am with a shock from my sis saying, ' do you know Lizzie's been waiting for you?'

I bet you've watch a lot of movies, so there's no need for me to described what I did or how I did whatever people in hurry would do.

Left house around 7.40+ am. Got stuck at Western Digital, and so we chose to use the bridge today. Waited for like 10 minutes at the traffic light, and it was around 7.50am.

Lecture's starting at 8.00am!!! D= But we managed to arrive, or maybe pass by would be more appropriate, college at 8.00~ And finally we were in the lecture hall at 8.10am!!!

But Ms. Hannah ended the lecture at 8.30!!!! WT*tweet!* We might as well just miss the whole thing... So much for the rush...

Then... I need to pee as I've yet to use the toilet. >.>

Fyi, I need to pee is a phrase commonly used by the sakais, particularly Peanut, which was started by Jiri Ng. The image above is just a sad case of a hacked account and abusing the phrase.

That's it for today. Right now, I need to sleep. Good night. xD

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