Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Outing at the Garden

Meh. This place is full of spider webs while the other blog is so much more livelier. It's 1st June. I just don't feel like blogging my life. It's like, I'm getting tired of doing this and yet, I know I want to record down as detail as possible.


Went to the Garden to celebrate Chelsia and Karyn's a few-days belated birthdays. Quite stupid of us to not thought of celebrating Voon's one, which is on 3rd June together. Ah well.

Shopping at Nose~ xD

Group pic~ Love the lighting!!! But there's a lady's butt behind us!!!!!! D:

We got a small room and only 3 mics for 8 persons, urgh, evil redbox refused to give us more mics... But it was an awesome K-session!!!!! Haven't been to Karaoke ever since my last outing with Cleste~ And now that Voon mentioned, 90% of the songs I chose to sing are really fast... =.=||| It's not that I only like rock and fast music but it's just that the ballad types are not in the list!!!! Ah why ah why!!!!!!

The food there, was decent. Though dunnoe where went wrong that our lunch buffet ticket became tea buffet ticket. How sad!! Good thing I had a bread from Lavender's when we were at Mid Valley. But Papa didn't. She was starving as if her energy level depends of her stomach's fullness. Awww... We laughed so much when all of us took turns to check the food when it was 3pm. Yes, hungry and desperate people coming through. Even the worker knew what we were up to when we wandered around the buffet area.

The birthday girls with their presents~

Cutting the cake~

Left Redbox around 4:45 and reached my car opposite college about 30 minutes later. End of an awesome outing~

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