Monday, May 3, 2010

It's May!!

It's May already!!!

Just had my Law mid-sem last Friday. How was it? Wasn't too good or too bad, I think.

My case was about: a guy named Arthur who wants to buy a passenger carriage. So he went to the shop, met the sales girl Betty and they checked out a 2nd hand with a price tag of $100,000 attached to it. So Arthur was satisfied with it and wants to finalise their deal. But no, Betty said the price was misprinted and the thing was actually $150,000, leaving Arthur WTH-ing. So was the agreement formed and was Arthur obliged to pay $150,000?

My analyse was yes, sad guy Arthur has to pay that much. With supporting cases like Fisher v Bell and Pharmaceutical. Didn't do much on the agreement part. My mind actually went blank from time to time, with the fire bell blasting whatever inspiration I had. Stupid bell.

That's one down~ Next we have our Accounts assignment.

At first we were all (no wait, it was those 3) stressing all over it (I was busy building my Hotel), then we had loads of crazy meetings where we (ok, once again I was playing HC) ran over the budget and everything... Finally we had most question clarified, or so we thought since Ms. Yati was extremely unreliable, I started working on my part with Lizzie and ended taking over Amy's calculation. It was weird that no one could understand that their theory does not make sense at all.

After going through the problems and screaming help to Ms. Yati, who, once again, gave me a feeling of 'oh pee, I came here for assurance but I'm left with more uncertainties then before'. You'd get what I mean if your lecturer needs you to explain how to do things to understand what she's suppose to know.

And now, we're all done. Really happy that we finished it smoothly, without any last minute paniciky and burning midnight oil incident going on, I love my group members.

Yes, it's really a sad case to end up in a group where your members doesn't give a sniff to their responsibility, that really sucks. Some people out there doesn't care. They're aware that they're failing the task and yet they just don't care about those who had to clean they butts. Suckers.

I'm really glad that I'm lucky. For some reason, our UFP AK batch is still awesome. We're united, don't quarrel and we love each other. Unlike.... Never mind.

With our last assignment done, all we just is just our grades. Our results seriously need to come out faster. It's been weeks already and they have yet to be officially announced!!!

That's it for now. I shall now go to waste my time on not studying.

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